Finance Committee
January 16, 1997-9:00A  

Budget/Adjutant General's Dept.
   On:      Belmarez, Al (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

            Goodwin, William W. (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

            James III, Daniel (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

            Marty, Wayne D. (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

            Smith, Michael (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

            Stein, Valerie (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

            Townsend, Keith E. (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

            Watson, Foy (Adjutant General's Dept), Austin

   On:      Craig, George B. (BPIPSA), Corpus Christi

            Nix, Ben (BPIPSA), Arlington

            Sanders, Clema (BPIPSA), Austin

            Smith, Mark L. (ASSIST), Dallas

Budget/Dept. of Agriculture
   On:      Perry, Rick (Dept. of Agriculture), Austin

            Soward, Larry R. (Dept. of Agriculture), Austin

Budget/GLO and Veterans Land Bd.
   On:      Mauro, Garry (GLO), Austin

Budget/National Guard Armory Bd.
   On:      Ahrendt, David M. (TNGAB), Austin

            Baker, Darrel P. (TNGAB), Austin

            Bohls, Jane (TNGAB), Austin

            Cruz, Lydia (TNGAB), Austin

            Huff, Dr. Michael (TNGAB), Austin

            Mangum, James E. (TNGAB), Austin

            Redfearn, Sherry (TNGAB), Austin

            Wright, Julie (TNGAB), Austin

Budget/Polygraph Examiners Bd.
   On:      Ditucci, Frank (Polygraph Examiners), Austin

            Hendricks, Kelly B. (TALEPI), Humble

            Musser, Bob H. (Polygraph Examiners), Houston

            Parker, Bill (TAOPE), Dallas

            Quinley, William H. (Polygraph Examiners), Dallas

Budget/River Compact Commissions
   On:      Bohl, Tom (River Compact Comm.), Austin

            Newton, Brad (River Compact Comm.), Ft. Stockton

            Parker, Frank E. (River Compact Comm.), Center

            Settemeyer, Herman (River Compact Comm.), Austin

   On:      Bailey, Doyne (TABC), Austin

            Fox, Jeannene (TABC), Austin

            Garza, Rolando (TABC), Austin

            Rowe, Vivian (TABC), Austin

            Shivers, Jr., Allan (TABC), Austin

            Smelser, Sam (TABC), Austin

            Yarbrough, Randy (TABC), Austin

Budget/TX Comm. on Law Enforcement
   On:      Dozier, Jim (Law Enforcement Comm.), Austin

            Getterman, T (Law Enforcement Comm.), Georgetown

            Griffith, Jr., Carl R. (Law Enforcement Comm.), Beaumont

            Laine, Edward T. (Law Enforcement Comm.), Austin

            Markum III, Onzelo (Law Enforcement Comm.), Austin