Finance Committee
January 21, 1997-9:00A  

Budget/Attorney General
   On:      Bailey, Don (Office of the AG), Austin

            Cole, Pat (CFV), Austin

            Durham, Drew T. (Office of the AG), Austin

            Geeslin, Julie (Office of the AG), Austin

            Gray, Chandler (TX CASA), Austin

            Kelly, Laurel E. (Office of the AG), Austin

            Krampitz, Tom (TX CASA), Austin

            Lyons, Laura (TAASA), Austin

            Miller, Alvin (Office of the AG), Austin

            Morales, Dan (Office of the AG), Austin

            Piper, Jane Q. (TX CASA), Austin

            Specia, Judge John (TX CASA), San Antonio

            Vela, David (Office of the AG), Austin

            Vela, Jorge (Office of the AG), Austin

            Zieschang, Beckie (Office of the AG), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Belton, Lynn (Office of the AG), Austin

            Embree, Alice (Office of the AG), Austin

            Key, Alicia (Office of the AG), Austin

            Taylor, Beth (Office of the AG), Austin

   Written materials submitted:
   On:      Bower, Bruce (Self), Austin

   On:      Armstrong, Betty (Ct. Judges/Commissioner), Corsicana

            Cortez, Andrew (ACOSEC), Austin

            Goerke, James D. (ACOSEC), Austin

            Harris, Ron (ACOSEC), Austin

            Hogan, Laverne (ACOSEC), Austin

            Lawrence, Richard (ACOSEC), Austin

            Mason, Ray (EHAC), Lubbock

            Spence, Carey F. (ACOSEC), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Duke, Dr. James "Red" (EHAC), Houston

            Redus, Ronald C. (EHAC), Amarillo

Budget/Comptroller of Public Acct.
   On:      Aguirre, Leo (State Comptroller), Austin

            Belvin, Wardaleen F. (State Comptroller), Austin

            Chapa, Robert T. (State Comptroller), Austin

            Curtis, Shari (State Comptroller), Austin

            Hamilton, Billy (State Comptroller), Austin

Budget/General Services Commission
   On:      Jackson, Alphonso (GSC), Austin

            Martin, Pat (GSC), Austin

            Treadway, Tom (GSC), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Harvey, Tobin (GSC), Austin

            Mullen, Carl (GSC), Austin

            Pierce, Darrell (GSC), Austin

            Williams, Jerry (GSC), Austin

Budget/O of the G & TP w/in the OG
   On:      Albaugh, Joe A. (Office of the Governor), Austin

            Hawkins, Albert (Office of the Governor), Austin

            Jones, Thomas (Office of the Governor), Austin

            Meadows, Vickers B. (Office of the Governor), Austin

            Millwee, Tom (DPS), Austin

            Patterson, Michael M. (TCOWEC), Austin

            Tucker, Jerry (Office of the Governor), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Morrison, Geanie W. (Gov's Comm. for Women), Austin

            Wassdorf, Pete (Office of the Governor), Austin

            Wiley, Mike (Energy Coor. Council), Austin

Budget/TX Aircraft Pooling Bd.
   On:      Clayton, Bill (Aircraft Pooling Bd.), Austin

            Daniels, Jerry (Aircraft Pooling Bd.), Austin

            DuLaney, Bob (Aircraft Pooling Bd.), Austin

            Huston, Bobby (General Services Comm.), Austin

            Martin, Pat (General Services Comm.), Austin

Budget/TX Bond Review Board
   On:      Bacarisse, Albert L. (TX Bond Review Board), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Hernandez, Jose (TX Bond Review Board), Austin

            Suessenbach, Sonja (TX Bond Review Board), Austin

            Talerico, Jeanne (TX Bond Review Board), Austin

Budget/TX Comm. on the Arts
   On:      Batiste, John Paul (Comm. on the Arts), Austin

            Fox, Jr., Peref (TAEandTCTC), Austin

            Hernandez, Ricardo (Comm. on the Arts), Austin

            Ware, Connie (Comm. on the Arts), Austin

            Wills, Margaret (Cultural Trust Council), Waco

Budget/TX Ethics Commission
   On:      Cribbs, James (TX Ethics Commission), Austin

            Harrison, Tom (TX Ethics Commission), Austin

            Lundquist, Karen (TX Ethics Commission), Austin

            Newkirk, Kristin (TX Ethics Commission), Austin

            Slack, Richard (TX Ethics Commission), Austin

Budget/TX Public Finance Authority
   On:      Deviney, Lee (Public Finance Auth.), Austin

            Kerr, John C (Public Finance Auth.), Austin

            Porras, Judith (Public Finance Auth.), Austin