Finance Committee
January 23, 1997-9:00A  

Budget/Midwestern State University
   On:      Hooten, Al (Midwestern State U), Wichita Falls

            Oliver, Arnold W. (Midwestern State U), Wichita Falls

            Rodriguez, Louis J. (Midwestern State U), Wichita Falls

            Yeager, Kathryn (Midwestern State U), Wichita Falls

Budget/School for the Deaf
   On:      Bugen, Claire (School for the Deaf), Austin

            Sallop, Marvin B. (School for the Deaf), Austin

            Smith, Jim B. (School for the Deaf), Austin

            Walton, Polly (School for the Deaf), Austin

Budget/Stephen F. Austin State U
   On:      Angel, Dr. Dan (SFASU), Nacogdoches

            Ashley, Janelle C. (SFASU), Nacogdoches

            Blake, Roy (SFASU), Nacogdoches

            Gallant, Danny R. (SFASU), Nacogdoches

            Hardy, James C. (SFASU), Nacogdoches

            Smith, Roland (SFASU), Nacogdoches

   On:      Harris, James (SBEC), Austin

            Littleton, Mark (SBEC), Austin

            Peterson, Sandra (SBEC), Austin

            Price, James B. (SBEC), Austin

            Sockwell, Keith (SBEC), Austin

   Written materials submitted:
   On:      Hartman, Eric (Federation of Tchrs), Austin

Budget/Texas Southern University
   On:      Cabell, Enos (TX Southern U), Houston

Budget/Texas Woman's University
   On:      Floyd, Brenda (TX Woman's University), Denton

            Surles, Carol (TX Woman's University), Denton

            Whitacker-Kellagher, S (TX Woman's University), Denton

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Byers-Peritts, Beverly (TX Woman's University), Denton

            Tuggle, Robert (TX Woman's University), Denton

   On:      Alanis, Felipe (TEA), Austin

            Gilchrist, Robin (TEA), Austin

            Hazel, Terry E. (OOTSA), Austin

            Hollingsworth, Lonnie (Classroom Teachers Assn), Austin

            Jacobs, Billy G. (TEA), Austin

            Kibby, Sandy (Texas PTA), Austin

            Middleton, Richard A. (SFWG&SA), San Antonio

            Neely, Joe (TEA), Austin

            Vaughan, Nancy (TEA), Austin

            Veselka, Dr. Johnny (Assn.School Admin.), Austin

            Wisnoski, Joe (TEA), Austin

            Wood, Bruce (Equity Center), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Brady, Denise (ARC of Texas), Austin

            Horton, Colleen (TASNK), Austin

            Lambert, Kay (Advocacy, Inc), Austin

            Wilson, Claude (TPCDD), Austin

   Written materials submitted:
   On:      Hartman, Eric (TX Federation of Tchrs), Austin

            Strickland, Phil (Texans CareforChildren), Dallas

   On:      Ashworth, Kenneth (THECB), Austin

            Brown, Don (THECB), Austin

            Cobb, Sharon (THECB), Austin

            Coleridge, S. Tim (TMA/TAFP), Austin

            Ellesolo, S.M. (TX Chiropractic College), Pasadena

            Huffman, George (Assn of Comm. Colleges), Austin

            Hupp, Suzanna Gratia (TX House of Reps), Austin

            McDonald, Carol L. (Ind. Colleges/U's of TX), Austin

            Mooney, Sandra N. (TX Chiropractic College), Pasadena

            Parker, Carl (Parker College of Chiro), Austin

            Quinn, Pamela (TX Ass of Comm Colleges), Austin

            Rauch, Leonard (THECB), Austin

            Stern, Dr. Neil (Parker College of Chiro), Dallas

            White, Kenneth S. (TX Chiropractic College), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Alexander, Toni (THECB), Austin

            James, Betty (THECB), Austin

            Montoya, Marco (THECB), Austin

   On:      Randolph, Joe N. (Eastman Chemical Co.), Longview

            Viramontes, Arnold (TIF), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Bacon, Carolyn (TIF), Dallas

            Hill, Rhonda (TIF), Austin

            Stafford, Gwen (TIF), Lubbock

   On:      Cooper, Jack (TRS), Austin

            Dunlap, Charles (TRS), Austin

            Hollingsworth, Lonnie (TX Classroom Trchs Assn), Austin

            Jung, Ronnie (TRS), Austin

            Koontz, Norma E. (TRS), Austin

            Nelson, Scott A. (Comm.College Trchs Assn), Kingwood

            Simms, Jim (TRS), Amarillo

   On:      Hatlin, Phil (TSBVI), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Houghtling, Susan (TSBVI), Austin

            Miller, Kenneth (TSBVI), Austin

            Ramirez, Janet (TSBVI), Austin

            Ramirez, Ray (TSBVI), Austin

            Schulz, Barney (TSBVI), Austin

            Welch, Mary Sue (TSBVI), Dallas

   On:      Adams, Ed (TSTC), Waco

            Strother, Ralph T. (TSTC), Waco