Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Articles IV and V)
February 10, 1998-9:00A  

Court of Criminal Appeals
   On:      McCormick, Michael J. (Presiding Judge, COCA), Lockhart

Court Reporters Certification Board
   On:      Harle, Sid (The Hon.) (Chairman, CRCB), San Antonio

            Liedtke, Peg (Exec. Sect., CRCB), Austin

Fifth Court of Appeals
   On:      Thomas, Linda (Chief Justice, 5th COA), Dallas

First Court of Appeals
   On:      Schneider, Mike (Chief Justice, 1st COA), Houston

Fourteenth Court of Appeals
   On:      Murphy, Paul (Chief Justice, 14th COA), Houston

Fourth Court of Appeals
   On:      Hardberger, Phil (Chief Justice, 4th COA), San Antonio

Legislative Budget Board
   On:      Barton, John (LBB), Austin

            O'Brien, John (LBB), Austin

            Pharr, Bill (LBB), Austin

Ofc. of the State Prosecuting Attny
   On:      Paul, Matthew (State Prosecuting Attny), Austin

Office of Court Administration
   On:      Benedict, Jerry L. (OCA), Austin

            Rybacki, Doug (OCA), Austin

Seventh Court of Appeals
   On:      Boyd, John T. (Chief Justice, 7th COA), Amarillo

Sixth Court of Appeals
   On:      Cornelius, William J. (Chief Justice, 6th COA), Texarkana

State Auditor's Office
   On:      Alwin, Lawrence F. (State Auditor), Austin

            Claire, Andrea (SAO), Austin

            Levitt, Matthew (SAO), Austin

State Commsn on Judicial Conduct
   On:      Flowers, Robert (SCOJC), Austin

State Law Library
   On:      Schlueter, Kay (SLL), Austin

Supreme Court of Texas
   On:      Phillips, Thomas R. (Chief Justice, SCOT), Austin

Tenth Court of Appeals
   On:      Davis, Rex (Chief Justice, 10th COA), Waco

Third Court of Appeals
   On:      Aboussie, Marylin (Justice, 3rd COA), Austin

Thirteenth Court of Appeals
   On:      Seerden, Robert J. (Chief Justice, 13th COA), Corpus Christi

Twelfth Court of Appeals
   On:      Ramey, Tom B. (Chief Justice, 12th COA), Tyler