Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Articles 2 and 8 Agencies)
February 18, 1998-9:00A  

Cancer Council
   On:      Untermeyer, Emily (Cancer Council), Austin

Children's Trust Fund of TX Council
   On:      Fields, Janie D. (CTFTC), Austin

            Smith, Peggy B. (CTFTC), Houston

Comm for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
   On:      Myers, David W. (TCDHH), Austin

Commission for the Blind
   On:      Murphy, Terry (TX Comm for the Blind), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Martinez, Barbara J. (TX Comm for the Blind), Austin

            Palkard, Robert (TX Comm for the Blind), Austin

            Pereyra, Ernest (TX Comm for the Blind), Austin

Commission on Alcohol/Drug Abuse
   On:      Bleier, Terry Faye (TCADA), Austin

Department of Health
   On:      Archer, William R. (TX Dept. of Health), Austin

            Patterson, Patti (TX Dept. of Health), Austin

Department of Human Services
   On:      Bost, Eric (Dept. of Human Services), Austin

Dept of Mtl Health/Mtl Retardation
   On:      Gilbert, Don (MHMR), Austin

Dept of Protective/Regulatory Serv
   On:      Hine, Jim (TDPRS), Austin

Dept. on Aging
   On:      Sapp, Mary (TX Dept. on Aging), Austin

Health/Human Services Commission
   On:      McKinney, Mike (HHSC), Austin

Interagency Cl on Early Cldhood Int
   On:      Elder, Mary (ICECI), Austin

Rehabilitation Commission
   On:      Arrell, Max (TRC), Austin

State Office of Administrative Hrgs
   On:      Taylor, Shelia Bailey (SOAH), Austin