Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on TIES Legislative Oversight Committee)
March 25, 1998-10:00A  

TIES Issues
   On:      Atwood, G. Alan (Dept. of Health), Austin

            Beardall, Bill (TX Appleseed Advocacy), Austin

            Blaine, Martha T. (Comm Council of Dallas), Dallas

            Bost, Eric (DHS), Austin

            Bresette, Patrick (CFPPP), Austin

            Gette, Roger (Legal Ser of N Texas), Dallas

            High, Noel (DHS), Irving

            Kratky, Debroah (Tarrant Co Workforce Bd), Ft. Worth

            Lowenberg, Michael (TX Appleseed Advocacy), Dallas

            McKimmey, Gerald F. (HHSC), Austin

            McKinney, Mike (HHSC), Austin

            Metzinger, Jane B. (Dallas Comm of Churches), Dallas

            Perez, Carmen R. (TX St Employees Union), Houston

            Raab, Ted Melina (TX St Employees Union), Austin

            Rosen, Judi (DHS), Dallas

            Sanders, Jan (Texas Impact), Dallas

            Taylor, Gordon (HHSC), Austin

            Wolff, Liz (ACORN), Dallas

            Zaczkowski,Marie (WIC prg-City of Dallas), Dallas

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Marshall, Judy (The Family Place), Dallas

            McDonald, Jacquelyn (TDH), Austin

            McHugh, Johnie (TWC), Austin

            Montoya, Joan (DHS), Austin

            Mugerauer, Cynthia A. (DHS), Austin

            Sow, Karen (DHS), Austin

            Stabeno, Debra C. (TDH), Austin

   Written materials submitted:
   On:      Lowenberg, Julie (League of Women Voters), Dallas

            Reveles, Silvia (Immigration/Refugee Coa), Dallas