Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Articles I, VI and VII Agencies)
April 29, 1998-10:00A  

Electronic Commerce
   On:      Gragan, David P. (GSC), Austin

            Osborne, Donna (TX Dept. of Eco Devl), Austin

            Treadway, Tom (GSC), Austin

Government Techology Overview
   On:      Purcell, Carolyn (DIR), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Barrett, Phil (DIR), Austin

Performance Based Budgeting Survey
   On:      Claire, Andrea (State Auditor's Office), Austin

            Cuellar, Ernest (State Auditor's Office), Austin

Presentation by Auditor's Office
   On:      Dan, Kelli (State Auditor's Office), Austin

            Pollard, Jeanine (State Auditor's Office), Austin

Presentation from Vendor Community
   On:      Council, Dominica (Hewlett-Packard), Austin

            Montgomery, Vol Hays (SabreData), Austin

State Age Coor Council on Info Tech
   On:      Edge, Joanne (TX PRS/SACC Task Force), Austin

            Lauderdale, Mary (DPS/SACC Task Force), Austin

            Majek, Mark W. (BNE/SACC Task Force), Austin

            Williams, Debra J. (Railroad Comm/SACC TF), Austin

            Williamson, Diana (DHS/SACC Task Force), Austin

   On:      Parker, Stephen T. (GSC), Austin

            Treadway, Tom (GSC), Austin

Texas Department of Transportation
   On:      Doebner, Thomas (TXDOT), Austin

            Leo, Mike (LBB), Austin

            Smith, Frank J. (TXDOT), Austin

            Vito, Frank (State Auditor's Office), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Wadle, Lanny (TXDOT), Austin

TX Geographic Information Council
   On:      Seekins, Roddy (Water Devl Board), Austin

Year 2000 Compliance
   On:      Porterfield, Shannon (DIR), Austin

            Purcell, Carolyn (DIR), Austin