Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on TIES Legislative Oversight Committee)
September 3, 1998-9:30A  

Proposed TIES Plan
   On:      Archer, William R. (TDH), Austin

            Beardall, Bill (TX Appleseed Advocacy), Austin

            Biermann, Suzanne M. (TIES/DHS), Austin

            Bost, Eric (DHS), Austin

            Farrell, Wayne (Assn. of Local Hlth Off), Austin

            Gilbert, Don (HHSC), Austin

            Gross, Michael (State Employees Union), Austin

            Levy, Rick (AFL-CIO/TIESCoalition), Austin

            McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union), Austin

            Montgomery, Michael (DHS), Austin

            Murphree, Susan (Disability Policy Conso), Austin

            Scott, Diane (TIES/HHSC), Austin

            Sheridan, Mike (TWC), Austin

            Smith, Frances T. (HlthServices/Rural Hosp), Childress

            Taylor, Gordon (TIES), Austin

            Zaczkowski, Marie (Assn. of Local WIC Dir.), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Atwood, Alan (TIES), Austin

   Written materials submitted:
   On:      Jones, Susan (THA(Hosp./HlthCare Org)), Austin