Transportation (Interim) Committee
February 18, 1998-9:00A  

   On:      Alan C. Clark (H&G Trans.Policy Councl), Houston

            Dr. Lalita Sen (APAC), Houston

            Holcombe Crosswell (Houston METRO), Houston

            Jerry L. Martin (Railroad Commission), Austin

            Jim Royer (Greater Hous. Partnrshp), Houston

            Judge Robert Eckels (Harris Cnty Com. Court), Houston

            Ray Zobel (Advis. Concl. on Aging), Tomball

            Roger Nylin (City of El Lago), El Lago

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      A.M.  Rivera (Clover Acquisition Corp), Friendswood

Transportation II
   On:      Mayor Lee Brown (City of Houston), Houston

            Robert Cuelar (TXDOT), Austin

            Robert G. MacLennan (Houston METRO), Houston

            Steve Simmons (TXDOT), Houston