Transportation (Interim) Committee
March 4, 1998-2:00P  

   On:      Andrew Melontree (Smith County Comm. Ct.), Tyler

            Barham Fulmer (Lindale Eco. Dev. Corp.), Lindale

            Bobby McClenny (City of Lindale), Lindale

            Carolyn Flores (9-1-1 Community), Kilgore

            Cary Hilliard (Van Zandt County), Canton

            Charles Breedlove (Self), Lindale

            Fred Carl (Tyler Chamber of Comm.), Tyler

            Gary Hays (Justice of the Peace), Ben Wheeler

            Jeff Tuley (S.E. Tx Nursery Growers), Murchison

            Jerry Martin (Railroad Commission), Austin

            Kevin Tyer (City of Tyler), Tyler

            Larry Badon (Tyler MPO), Tyler

            Lyle Nelson (Brazos Transit Dist.), Bryan

            Mark W. Sweeney (E.Tx Council of Govts), Kilgore

            Mayor Celia Bosewell (City of Mineola), Mineola

            Mayor Kevin Eltife (City of Tyler), Tyler

            Mayor, J. Ray Rucker (City of Grand Saline), Grand Saline

            Mayor, Jeff R. Warr (City of Tyler), Tyler

            Mitch Shamburger (Justice of the Peace), Winona

            Paul Lockhart (Self), Tyler

            Rep. Ted Kamel (House District 6), Tyler

            Robert Nichols (Tx Transportation Comm.), Jacksonville

            Rohn Boone (Chamber of Commerce), Tyler

            Sharon Emmert (County Commissioner), Tyler

            Thomas G. Mullins (Tyler Chamber of Comm.), Tyler