Transportation (Interim) Committee
April 7, 1998-10:30A  

   On:      Allison, Jim (Cnty Judges & Commisnrs), Austin

            Armstrong, Betty (Cnty Judges & Commisnrs), Corsicana

            Barbour, Donald J. (Bell Helicopter Textron), Fort Worth

            Bartosowiecz, John (Forth Worth Trans, Syst), Austin

            Broyles, Stephen (City of Muenster), Muenster

            Chron, Rick (Tx Towing & Storage Asc), Plano

            Davis, Tommy (Tx Dept, Public Safety), Austin

            Dillard, Don (Hunt Petroleum Corp.), Dallas

            Foster, Irby (P.U.S.H.), Forney

            Gadbois, Glenn (Tx. Bicycle Coalition), Austin

            Hubbard, James (Wise County), Decator

            Jones, Joe Paul (NCTCOG & Partners Mobil), Forth Worth

            Lewis, Bill (MADD), Keller

            Martin,  Jerry (Tx Railroad Commission), Austin

            McCarley, James (N.Tx Tollway Authority), Dallas

            Melton, W.J. "Bud" (Tx Trails Network), Dallas

            Miller, Jack (NCTCOG & Partners Mobil), Denton

            Morris, Michael (NCTCOG & Partners Mobil), Arlington

            Moseley, Jeff Judge (N.Americas Superhighway), Dallas

            Murphy, John (NCTCOG & Partners Mobil), Richardson

            Nichols, Robert (TXDOT), Austin

            Poinsatte, Chris (DART), Dallas

            Reed, James (NCSL), Denver

            Sherman, E.C. (Tx Dept.Public Safety), Austin

            Slagel, Gary (City of Richardson), Richardson

            Smith, Stephen A. (Walnut Hill Wrecker), Dallas

            Snoble, Robert (DART), Dallas

            Stanton, Norma (DART), Irving

            Sullivan, Patty (Rusk & other Counties), Henderson

            Wageman, Paul (Partners in Mobility), Dallas

            Word, Paul (People of Wise County), Bridgeport

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Currie, Bob (Tx Logging Council), Kennard