(1)  Amend HB 3050 (Senate Committee Printing) on page 4,
between lines 48 and 49 by adding a new SECTION 7 to read as
      "SECTION 7.  Title 3, Agriculture Code, is amended by adding
Chapter 46 to read as follows:
      Sec. 46.001.  DEFINITIONS.  In this chapter:
            (1)  "Agricultural crisis" means an event or condition,
including adverse weather conditions, water shortages, disruption
in transportation, low commodity prices, an animal health issue,
crop disease, or insect infestation, that could disrupt or
jeopardize an aspect of the agricultural industry.
            (2)  "Agri-tech program" means the agricultural
technology program established under this chapter.
            (3)  "Applied research" means research directed at
gaining the knowledge or understanding necessary to meet a specific
and recognized need, including the discovery of new scientific
knowledge that has specific objectives relating to products or
            (4)  "Eligible institution" means an institution of
higher education, as that term is defined by Section 61.003,
Education Code, that is designated as an eligible institution under
Section 46.002(e).
The department shall develop, maintain, and administer the
agri-tech program to provide support for eligible institutions to
conduct research projects on methods to address agricultural crises
in this state.
      (b)  In awarding funds to support projects under this
chapter, the department shall:
            (1)  give priority to applied research projects that
the commissioner determines to be necessary to address an immediate
agricultural crisis; and
            (2)  consider the recommendations of the Commodity
Crisis Council for specific projects.
      (c)  The department shall award funds to support projects as
needed to address agricultural crises in this state.
      (d)  The department shall develop and maintain guidelines and
procedures to provide awards under this chapter for specific
projects at eligible institutions on a competitive, peer-review
      (e)  The department shall determine whether an institution of
higher education qualifies as an eligible institution for the
purposes of this chapter.  To be designated as an eligible
institution, an institution of higher education must demonstrate an
exceptional capability to attract federal, state, and private
funding for scientific and technical research and have an
exceptionally strong research staff and the necessary equipment and
      (f)  In considering projects for selection, the commissioner
shall give special consideration to projects that:
            (1)  leverage funds from other sources; and
            (2)  propose innovative, collaborative efforts:
                  (A)  across academic disciplines;
                  (B)  involving two or more eligible institutions;
                  (C)  involving eligible institutions, private
industry, and the federal government.
      (g)  The commissioner may adopt rules necessary to accomplish
the purposes of this chapter.
      Sec. 46.003.  AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY ACCOUNT.  (a)  The
agricultural technology account is an account in the general
revenue fund.
      (b)  The agricultural technology account consists of
legislative appropriations, gifts and grants received under
Subsection (c), and other money required by law to be deposited in
the account.
      (c)  The department may solicit and accept gifts in kind and
grants of money from the federal government, local governments,
private corporations, or other persons to be used for the purposes
of this chapter.
      (d)  Funds in the agricultural technology account may be used
only as provided by this chapter.  The account is exempt from the
application of Section 403.095, Government Code.
      (e)  Income from money in the account shall be credited to
the account.
ACCOUNT.  (a)  From funds appropriated for the agri-tech program,
the comptroller shall issue warrants to each eligible institution
in the amount certified by the department to the comptroller.
      (b)  Funds awarded from the agricultural technology account
may be expended to support the particular research project for
which the award is made and may not be expended for the general
support of research and instruction at the institution conducting
or sponsoring the project or for the construction or remodeling of
a facility.
      (c)  Funds in the agricultural technology account shall be
used, when practicable within the purposes of this chapter, to
match grants provided by the federal government or private industry
for specific collaborative research projects at eligible
      (d)  Supplies, materials, services, and equipment purchased
with funds obtained under this section are not subject to State
Purchasing and General Services Commission authority.
      Sec. 46.005.  PROGRESS REPORTS.  An institution receiving
funds under this chapter shall report on the progress of the funded
research to the department not later than September 1 of each year.
      Sec. 46.006.  MERIT REVIEW.  The commissioner shall appoint a
committee consisting of representatives of the agricultural
industry and of private enterprise advanced technology research
organizations to evaluate the agri-tech program's effectiveness.
The committee shall report its findings to the department not later
than September 1 of the second year of each biennium."
      (2)  Renumber subsequent SECTIONS appropriately.
      (3)  Amend the caption to conform to the body of the bill.