Amend CSSB 86 as follows:
      In SECTION 3 of the bill, add a new Section 17.006 of the
Utilities Code at page 7 immediately after line 23, as follows:
COOPERATIVES. An electric cooperative shall not be deemed to be a
"service provider" or "billing agent" for purposes of Section
17.156(b) and 17.156(e). The electric cooperative shall adopt,
implement and enforce rules which shall have the effect of
accomplishing the objectives set out in Section 17.004(a) and (b)
and Section 17.102. The board of directors of the electric
cooperative or its designee shall perform the dispute resolution
function provided for by Section 17.157 for electric customers
served by the electric cooperative within its certificated service
area. With respect to electric customers served by an electric
cooperative outside its certificated service area or otherwise
served through others' distribution facilities, after the
legislature authorizes retail competition, the provisions of this
chapter as adminsistered by the commission shall apply. Nothing in
this chapter shall be deemed to apply to a wholesale customer of an
electric cooperative.