Amend CSSB 86 by adding the following appropriately numbered
section to the bill and renumbering sections appropriately:
      SECTION     . Subchapter A, Chapter 55, Utilities Code, is
amended by adding Section 55.012 to read as follows:
This section applies only to an affiliate of an incumbent local
exchange company that has elected regulation under Chapter 58 and
serves fewer than five million access lines in this state.
      (b)  An affiliate that provides cellular telephone service
may charge a customer for a cellular telephone call not more than
the rate that applies to the call at the time the call is made, as
provided by the agreement between the affiliate and the customer,
regardless of when the affiliate receives notification of the call.
      (b)  On violation of Subsection (a), the agreement for
provision of telephone service between the affiliate providing the
service and the customer is voidable by the customer.
      (c)  An affiliate that violates Subsection (a) is subject to
a civil penalty of $1,000 for each violation. The civil penalty is
recoverable in a suit filed in the name of the commission by the
attorney general on the attorney general's own initiative or at the
request of the commission.