Amend SB 710 as follows:
      (1)  On page 2, line 23, between "Code" and the period,
insert ", or pursuant to an estate plan evidenced by a will or
      (2)  On page 4, strike lines 24-25 and substitute:
"commissioners court of a county shall approve a written list of
the documentation and other information that must be submitted with
a plat" and make the list available to the public.
      (3)  On page 5, line 5, between "the", and "list", insert:
      (4)  On page 5, strike lines 6 and 7 and substitute:
      (b)  If a person submits a plat application that does not
include all of the documentation"
      (5)  On page 5, strike lines 10-12 and substitute: "business
day after the date the application is received, notify the
applicant of the missing documents or other information. The
commissioners court or the court's designee shall allow an
applicant to".
      (6)  On page 5, line 21, strike "or the court's designee".
      (7)  On page 5, strike line 24 and substitute: "received."
      (8)  On page 5, line 25 and page 6, line 11, strike "or the
court's designee".
      (9)  On page 6, line 19, strike "or the court's designee".