Amend CSSB 710 in SECTION 2 of the bill (committee printing
page 2, between lines 9 and 10) by inserting the following:
      (h)  Subchapter A, Chapter 232, does not apply to a
subdivision of any land belonging to the state, a state agency,
board, or commission, or owned by the Permanent School Fund or any
other dedicated funds of the state.
      (i)  A county may not require the owner of a tract of land
located outside the limits of a municipality who divides the tract
into two or more parts to have a plat of the subdivision prepared
            (1)  the owner of the land is a political subdivision
of the state;
            (2)  the land is situated in a floodplain; and
            (3)  the lots are sold to adjoining landowners.