Amend CSSB 955 beginning at page 1, line 19, strike
Subsection (1) and substitute the following:
            (1) professional staff development in pre-reading
instruction including but not limited to;
                  (a) phonemic awareness;
                  (b) systematic, explicit phonics;
                  (c) sound-symbol relationships;
                  (d) decoding words;
                  (e) word-attack skills;
                  (f) spelling;
                  (g) vocabulary development;
                  (h) the diagnosis of reading deficiencies;
                  (i)strategies for early intervention in reading
                  (j) the scientific research on the manner in
which children learn to read;
                  (k) the scientific research on the manner in
which proficient readers read;
                  (l) the structure of the English language;
                  (m) the relationships among reading, writing, and
spelling; and;
                  (n) planning and delivering appropriate reading
instruction based on assessment and evaluation;