Office of House Bill AnalysisH.B. 2300
By: Hunter
Licensing & Administrative Procedures


Prior to the 76th Legislature, the Texas Board of Professional Engineers
published a paperback roster of engineers once every two years and sent a
free copy to each engineer who requested one.  Section 11 of The Texas
Engineering Practice Act was written in a manner that appeared to limit the
roster to this type of printed format.  Because the vast majority of the
regulated community of engineers regularly use the Internet, the board
believed that it could provide a higher level of service and more
up-to-date information by placing the roster "online."  Additionally, the
board could reduce the number of paperback rosters printed each biennium,
which would help defray the costs of putting the roster online.  Printed
copies and floppy disks will continue to be available at a nominal
reproduction fee for those who are unable to use the Internet format.  H.B.
2300 allows the Texas Board of Professional Engineers to provide the public
with direct access to the most up-to-date copy of the roster by placing it
where the most users can access it -- on the Internet.   


It is the opinion of the Office of House Bill Analysis that this bill does
not expressly delegate any additional rulemaking authority to a state
officer, department, agency, or institution. 


SECTION 1.  Amends Section 11, Article 3271a, V.T.C.S. (The Texas
Engineering Practice Act), as follows: 

Sec.11. New title: ENGINEER ROSTER. (a) Requires the Texas Board of
Professional Engineers (board) to publish a roster of persons licensed,
registered, certified, or enrolled by the board.  Requires the roster to
include names, business addresses, and other identifying information. 

(b) Requires the roster to be made available without cost to the public in
an online computer database format.   

(c) Requires the board  to  provide physical copies and authorizes it to
charge a reproduction and shipping fee.    

Deletes previous language requiring that the roster be provided without
charge to a licensed engineer, and that a copy be placed on file with the
secretary of state.  Makes conforming changes. 

SECTION 2.Emergency clause.
  Effective date: upon passage.