By Goolsby                                            H.B. No. 2062
         76R7658 SRC-D                           
                                A BILL TO BE ENTITLED
 1-1                                   AN ACT
 1-2     relating to the Texas State History Museum.                                               
 1-4           SECTION 1.   Subtitle D, Title 4, Government Code, is amended
 1-5     by adding Chapter 445 to read as follows:
 1-6                  CHAPTER 445.  TEXAS STATE HISTORY MUSEUM
 1-7           Sec. 445.001.  MUSEUM.  (a)  The Texas State History Museum
 1-8     is established for the purpose of educating and engaging visitors
 1-9     in the exciting and unique story of Texas and displaying objects
1-10     and information relating to the history of Texas.
1-11           (b)  The museum shall provide exhibits, programs, and
1-12     activities that support the education of public school students in
1-13     the essential knowledge and skills developed and adopted under
1-14     Chapter 28, Education Code.
1-15           Sec. 445.002.  GOVERNANCE.  (a)  The State Preservation Board
1-16     shall govern and provide for the operation of the museum.
1-17           (b)  Except to the extent of conflict with this chapter, the
1-18     board and the executive director of the board have the same powers
1-19     and duties in relation to the museum that they have in regard to
1-20     other facilities and programs under Chapter 443.
1-21           (c)  The governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the
1-22     house of representatives, in their capacities as members of the
1-23     State Preservation Board, shall each  appoint one person to an
1-24     advisory committee to assist and advise the board in governing and
 2-1     operating the museum.  A member of the board is eligible to serve
 2-2     on the advisory committee.
 2-3           Sec. 445.003.  VENDING FACILITIES.  (a)  In addition to
 2-4     exhibits and theaters, the museum may operate:
 2-5                 (1)  a gift shop;
 2-6                 (2)  food services, including one or more restaurants,
 2-7     cafeterias, and vending machines;
 2-8                 (3)  pay station telephones;
 2-9                 (4)  automated teller machines (ATMs); and
2-10                 (5)  other services and facilities convenient or
2-11     necessary for visitors to the museum.
2-12           (b)  Chapter 94, Human Resources Code, does not apply to
2-13     vending facilities operated by or approved for operation in the
2-14     museum.
2-15           Sec. 445.004.  THEATERS; FILMS AND OTHER PRODUCTS.  (a)  The
2-16     museum may operate one or more film theaters, including a
2-17     large-format theater.
2-18           (b)  In addition to films connected with Texas history, the
2-19     museum may exhibit commercially produced entertainment films in
2-20     museum theaters.
2-21           (c)  The museum may develop and produce films and other
2-22     products and may retain royalties or otherwise receive revenue from
2-23     the production, distribution, exhibition, or sale of those films or
2-24     products.
2-25           Sec. 445.005.  MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS.  Marketing and
2-26     publicity of the museum's exhibits, programs, and activities is
2-27     essential to the museum's statutory objectives.  For that purpose,
 3-1     the museum may:
 3-2                 (1)  employ public relations personnel;
 3-3                 (2)  publish brochures, books, and periodicals intended
 3-4     for the general public that are promotional, informational, or
 3-5     educational; and
 3-6                 (3)  advertise the museum in any available media.
 3-7           Sec. 445.006.  TOURS; PARKING AND TRANSPORTATION.  The museum
 3-8     may provide parking for visitors and, in cooperation with other
 3-9     public and private authorities, may participate in providing for
3-10     tour transportation of visitors between other historical and
3-11     cultural sites.
3-12           Sec. 445.007.  PRIVATE EVENTS.  (a)  The museum may rent all
3-13     or part of the museum facility at various times for private events.
3-14     The museum may restrict public access to that part of the facility
3-15     rented for a private event.
3-16           (b)  The museum may provide for the sale, gift, possession,
3-17     and consumption of alcoholic beverages at a private event held in
3-18     the facility.
3-19           Sec. 445.008.  INSURANCE.  The museum may purchase insurance
3-20     policies to insure the museum buildings and contents and other
3-21     personal property against any insurable risk, including insurance
3-22     covering historical artifacts, art, or other items on loan to the
3-23     museum.
3-24           Sec. 445.009.  CONTRACTS.  The museum may contract with
3-25     public or private entities to the extent necessary or convenient to
3-26     the operation of the museum's exhibits, programs, activities, and
3-27     facilities, including contracts for the acquisition by purchase or
 4-1     loan of items for exhibition.
 4-2           Sec. 445.010.  PROGRAM AND FACILITY ACCESSIBILITY.  The
 4-3     museum shall comply with federal and state laws related to program
 4-4     and facility accessibility.  The museum shall prepare and maintain
 4-5     a written plan that describes how a person who does not speak
 4-6     English can be provided reasonable access to the museum's programs
 4-7     and services.
 4-8           Sec. 445.011.  FUNDING.  (a)  To the extent possible, the
 4-9     costs of operating the museum shall be paid from revenues generated
4-10     by the museum, but the legislature may appropriate funds for the
4-11     operation of the museum.
4-12           (b)  The museum shall solicit and may accept gifts of money
4-13     or items from individuals and from public or private foundations
4-14     and organizations.
4-15           (c)  The museum may set and collect fees in amounts necessary
4-16     to provide for the operation of the museum, including fees for:
4-17                 (1)  admission to exhibits, theaters, programs, and
4-18     activities;
4-19                 (2)  parking and transportation; and
4-20                 (3)  facility rental.
4-21           (d)  The museum may sell at prices set by the museum items
4-22     manufactured or publications printed under contract with the
4-23     museum.
4-24           (e)  All net revenue collected by the museum under this
4-25     chapter, including the net revenue from vending facilities under
4-26     Section 445.003, shall be credited to the Texas State History
4-27     Museum fund.
 5-1           (f)  The transactions, funds, and programs of the museum are
 5-2     subject to audit by the state auditor in accordance with Chapter
 5-3     321.
 5-4           Sec. 445.012.  MUSEUM FUND.  (a)  Money and securities
 5-5     received by the museum shall be held in trust outside the treasury
 5-6     by the comptroller in a special fund to be known as the Texas State
 5-7     History Museum fund.  The museum may spend money received by the
 5-8     museum for any purpose connected with the museum.
 5-9           (b)  The comptroller shall manage and invest the fund on
5-10     behalf of the museum as directed or agreed to by the museum.
5-11     Interest, dividends, and other income of the fund shall be credited
5-12     to the fund.
5-13           (c)  The museum shall prepare a detailed annual report on the
5-14     fund.  That report must describe the status of the fund, list all
5-15     donations to the fund, including the name of each donor, and list
5-16     all disbursements from the fund, including the purpose of each
5-17     disbursement.
5-18           (d)  The state auditor shall annually review the annual
5-19     report on the fund, and any information used in preparing the
5-20     report as the auditor determines necessary, and shall report any
5-21     findings or recommendations to the museum and the legislative audit
5-22     committee.
5-23           (e)  The fund is not subject to Subchapter F, Chapter 404.  A
5-24     provision of this chapter or other law that provides for the
5-25     deposit of money or another thing of value into the fund prevails
5-26     over Subchapter F, Chapter 404.
5-27           (f)  Subtitle D, Title 10, does not apply to a purchase or
 6-1     lease made with money from the fund.
 6-2           Sec. 445.013.  SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS.  The museum may
 6-3     establish and maintain one or more organizations of persons
 6-4     interested in supporting the programs and activities of the museum.
 6-5     Such an organization may be incorporated as a Texas nonprofit
 6-6     corporation.
 6-7           SECTION 2.  The Texas State History Museum is dedicated to
 6-8     former Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock in recognition of his
 6-9     contribution to the people of the State of Texas through a life of
6-10     public service and in recognition of his vision in proposing and
6-11     securing funding for the museum.  The State  Preservation Board
6-12     shall install in a prominent place in the museum a  plaque
6-13     commemorating the  dedication of the museum to Bob Bullock.
6-14           SECTION 3.  The importance of this legislation and the
6-15     crowded condition of the calendars in both houses create an
6-16     emergency and an imperative public necessity that the
6-17     constitutional rule requiring bills to be read on three several
6-18     days in each house be suspended, and this rule is hereby suspended,
6-19     and that this Act take effect and be in force from and after its
6-20     passage, and it is so enacted.