1-1     By:  Walker (Senate Sponsor - Duncan)                 H.B. No. 2930
 1-2           (In the Senate - Received from the House April 19, 1999;
 1-3     April 20, 1999, read first time and referred to Committee on
 1-4     Intergovernmental Relations; May 14, 1999, reported favorably by
 1-5     the following vote:  Yeas 4, Nays 0; May 14, 1999, sent to
 1-6     printer.)
 1-7                            A BILL TO BE ENTITLED
 1-8                                   AN ACT
 1-9     relating to the application of nepotism prohibitions to certain
1-10     municipalities.
1-12           SECTION 1.  Section 573.061, Government Code, is amended to
1-13     read as follows:
1-14           Sec. 573.061.  GENERAL EXCEPTIONS.  Section 573.041 does not
1-15     apply to:
1-16                 (1)  an appointment to the office of a notary public or
1-17     to the confirmation of that appointment;
1-18                 (2)  an appointment of a page, secretary, attendant, or
1-19     other employee by the legislature for attendance on any member of
1-20     the legislature who, because of physical infirmities, is required
1-21     to have a personal attendant;
1-22                 (3)  a confirmation of the appointment of an appointee
1-23     appointed to a first term on a date when no individual related to
1-24     the appointee within a degree described by Section 573.002 was a
1-25     member of or a candidate for the legislature, or confirmation on
1-26     reappointment of the appointee to any subsequent consecutive term;
1-27                 (4)  an appointment or employment of a bus driver by a
1-28     school district if:
1-29                       (A)  the district is located wholly in a county
1-30     with a population of less than 35,000; or
1-31                       (B)  the district is located in more than one
1-32     county and the county in which the largest part of the district is
1-33     located has a population of less than 35,000; [or]
1-34                 (5)  an appointment or employment of a personal
1-35     attendant by an officer of the state or a political subdivision of
1-36     the state for attendance on the officer who, because of physical
1-37     infirmities, is required to have a personal attendant;[.]
1-38                 (6)  an appointment or employment of a substitute
1-39     teacher by a school district; or
1-40                 (7)  an appointment or employment of a person by a
1-41     municipality that has a population of less than 200.
1-42           SECTION 2.  Section 573.061, Government Code, as amended by
1-43     this Act, applies only if the person is appointed or employed by a
1-44     municipality on or after the effective date of this Act.  The
1-45     appointment or employment of a person before that date is governed
1-46     by the law in effect at the time the person was appointed or
1-47     employed, and the former law is continued in effect for that
1-48     purpose.
1-49           SECTION 3.  The importance of this legislation and the
1-50     crowded condition of the calendars in both houses create an
1-51     emergency and an imperative public necessity that the
1-52     constitutional rule requiring bills to be read on three several
1-53     days in each house be suspended, and this rule is hereby suspended,
1-54     and that this Act take effect and be in force from and after its
1-55     passage, and it is so enacted.
1-56                                  * * * * *