1-1           WHEREAS, Lake Highlands High School seniors Mary Kristin Wong
 1-2     and Jicori R. Minor have been selected as Youth of the Month for
 1-3     December 1998 by the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands, and these
 1-4     exemplary students are truly deserving of special recognition for
 1-5     their many accomplishments; and
 1-6           WHEREAS, Each month, the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands
 1-7     recognizes two seniors from Lake Highlands High School for
 1-8     superlative academic achievement and noteworthy extracurricular
 1-9     involvement; these deserving individuals receive U.S. Savings Bonds
1-10     and are made eligible for college scholarships to supplement the
1-11     costs of continuing their education; and
1-12           WHEREAS, Ms. Wong is the vice president of the National Honor
1-13     Society and previously served as vice president of the National
1-14     Junior Honor Society; in addition, she is a three-year member of Mu
1-15     Alpha Theta, the Girl's Service League, and Young Life and has
1-16     served on various committees during her Student Council membership;
1-17     and
1-18           WHEREAS, This spirited young woman has been a member of the
1-19     school's drill team since 1996, and this year she is the social
1-20     committee secretary and is part of the High Kick Line; she has been
1-21     a member of the A Honor Roll and has volunteered at the
1-22     Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas and Doctors Healthcare Center; and
1-23           WHEREAS, Mr. Minor is a three-year member of the National
1-24     Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta and a two-year member of the
 2-1     Student Advisory Council and Student Council, which he currently
 2-2     serves as historian; for his impressive leadership he was chosen to
 2-3     receive the United States National Minority Leadership Award in
 2-4     1998; and
 2-5           WHEREAS, Athlete of the Year for 1995-1996, this determined
 2-6     young man has been a track team member since 1996 and earned a
 2-7     place on the All-City and All-District Track Teams in 1997 and 1998
 2-8     and the District Champion 4 x 100 relay team in 1998; in addition
 2-9     to his distinguished track career, Mr. Minor was running back for
2-10     the district champion football team in 1998; and
2-11           WHEREAS, The Youth of the Month Award helps to affirm the
2-12     positive and productive civic, academic, and extracurricular
2-13     participation of the young people of Lake Highlands High School,
2-14     and it is indeed a privilege to recognize the merits of this award
2-15     and to pay tribute to the deserving students who are selected to
2-16     receive it; now, therefore, be it
2-17           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 76th Texas
2-18     Legislature hereby congratulate Mary Kristin Wong and Jicori R.
2-19     Minor on being named Youth of the Month for December 1998 by the
2-20     Exchange Club of Lake Highlands and extend to them best wishes for
2-21     success and happiness in all their future endeavors; and, be it
2-22     further
2-23           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
2-24     prepared for Ms. Wong and Mr. Minor as an expression of high regard
2-25     by the Texas House of Representatives.
                                                   Speaker of the House
               I certify that H.R. No. 563 was adopted by the House on April
         30, 1999, by a non-record vote.
                                                 Chief Clerk of the House