By Junell                                             H.R. No. 1212
         76R17671 GCH-D                           
                                 R E S O L U T I O N
 1-1           BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State
 1-2     of Texas, 76th Legislature, Regular Session, 1999, That House Rule
 1-3     13, Section 9(a), be suspended in part as provided by House Rule
 1-4     13, Section 9(f), to enable the conference committee appointed to
 1-5     resolve the differences on Senate Bill No.  177, relating to
 1-6     codification of certain provisions in the General Appropriations
 1-7     Act that authorize, restrict, or prohibit expenditures by public
 1-8     entities, to consider and take action on the following matter:
 1-9           House Rule 13, Section 9(a)(4), is suspended to permit the
1-10     committee to add a new section to the bill to read as follows:
1-11           SECTION ____.  Subchapter F, Chapter 2054, Government Code,
1-12     is amended by adding Section 2054.1185 to read as follows:
1-13           Sec. 2054.1185.  DELAY OF TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE.  (a)  A
1-14     state agency may request permission from the Legislative Budget
1-15     Board and the budget division of the governor's office to delay
1-16     implementation of a technology initiative, including a major
1-17     information resources project as defined by Section 2054.118, if
1-18     the implementation would significantly interfere with the state
1-19     agency's ability to prepare adequately for the millennium date
1-20     change and its attendant problems.
1-21           (b)  A request for permission for a delay must be submitted
1-22     in writing to the Legislative Budget Board and the budget division
1-23     of the governor's office.  Those entities may require the
1-24     requesting state agency to provide any information the entities
 2-1     consider necessary for the proper evaluation of the request and may
 2-2     require the department or any other state agency to assist in
 2-3     evaluating the request.
 2-4           (c)  If the Legislative Budget Board and the budget division
 2-5     of the governor's office determine that a state agency has provided
 2-6     sufficient evidence of a need for a delay in implementation of a
 2-7     technology initiative, the agency shall be notified in writing of
 2-8     the determination and shall be permitted to delay implementation
 2-9     for the time specified by the Legislative Budget Board and the
2-10     budget division of the governor's office.
2-11           Explanation:  This addition is necessary to ensure computer
2-12     compatibility with the millennium date change.