By:  Wentworth                                         S.B. No. 710
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         Bill not drafted by TLC or Senate E&E.
                                A BILL TO BE ENTITLED
                                       AN ACT
 1-1     relating to the requirement of a plat for a subdivision of land
 1-2     outside a municipality.
 1-4           SECTION 1.  Section 232.001(a), Local Government Code, is
 1-5     amended to read as follows:
 1-6           (a)  The owner of a tract of land located outside the limits
 1-7     of a municipality who divides the tract into two or more parts to
 1-8     lay out a subdivision of the tract, including an addition, [or] to
 1-9     lay out suburban lots or building lots, or [and] to lay out
1-10     streets, alleys, squares, parks, or other parts of the tract
1-11     intended to be dedicated to public use or for the use of purchasers
1-12     or owners of lots fronting on or adjacent to the streets, alleys,
1-13     squares, parks, or other parts must have a plat of the subdivision
1-14     prepared.  A division of a tract under this subsection includes a
1-15     division regardless of whether it is made by using a metes and
1-16     bounds description in a deed of conveyance or in a contract for a
1-17     deed, by using a contract of sale or other executory contract to
1-18     convey, or by using any other method.
1-19           SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect September 1, 1999, and
1-20     applies only to land subdivided on or after that date.