1-1           WHEREAS, The Legislature of the State of Texas joins the
 1-2     residents of Wood County in declaring Wednesday, April 28, 1999, as
 1-3     Wood County Day; and
 1-4           WHEREAS, A county of rural charm and natural beauty, Wood
 1-5     County is located in Northeast Texas at the western edge of the
 1-6     pine belt; the land is hilly and heavily forested and is drained by
 1-7     the Sabine River and its tributaries; and
 1-8           WHEREAS, Created from Van Zandt County in 1850, the county
 1-9     was named for Governor George T. Wood; the area was home to the
1-10     Caddo Indians until the 1820s and 1830s when settlers began
1-11     arriving; Webster, the first village in the area, was established
1-12     in 1845, and the first profitable industry was ranching; and
1-13           WHEREAS, Railroads such as the Texas and Pacific and the
1-14     International-Great Northern arrived in the area in the early
1-15     1870s; the Missouri-Pacific arrived in 1882, and with the advent of
1-16     railroad transportation, the lumber industry began to thrive; and
1-17           WHEREAS, A sweet potato curing plant was established in 1913,
1-18     and specialized farming became a major industry; by 1935, the
1-19     county had 101,800 acres in cultivation, and Christmas trees, hay,
1-20     watermelons, poultry, and dairy products were being produced; oil
1-21     was discovered at Hawkins in 1940; and
1-22           WHEREAS, Known today as a recreational and retirement county,
1-23     Wood County is nicknamed "Lake Country" due to its aquatic
1-24     resources, and sportsmen from all over the world are frequent
 2-1     visitors; the county's gigantic Lake Fork Reservoir is known as the
 2-2     "Best Big Bass Lake in the State"; the state's record largemouth
 2-3     bass was caught in the reservoir in 1993; and
 2-4           WHEREAS, Communities throughout the county host year-round
 2-5     festivities in honor of the county's heritage and foliage;
 2-6     festivals include the Quitman Dogwood Fiesta in March, the Hawkins
 2-7     Pancake Festival, the Spring Trails in Winnsboro, the Mineola May
 2-8     Days Bean Festival, the Fourth of July FreedomFest, the Oil
 2-9     Festival in Hawkins in October, and the Winter Trails Christmas
2-10     Parade in Winnsboro; and
2-11           WHEREAS, Governor Hogg Shrine State Park is located in
2-12     Quitman and named for the first native-born governor of Texas,
2-13     James Stephen Hogg; Governor Hogg established the Texas Railroad
2-14     Commission to enforce state antitrust laws and promote fair
2-15     business practices; and
2-16           WHEREAS, In spite of population growth and new development,
2-17     the residents of Wood County have carefully managed to preserve
2-18     natural habitats and historic sites; and
2-19           WHEREAS, Through hard work and clear-sighted goals, the
2-20     citizens of Wood County have contributed significantly to the State
2-21     of Texas and deserve to be proud of their efforts; now, therefore,
2-22     be it
2-23           RESOLVED, That the 76th Legislature of the State of Texas
2-24     hereby express appreciation to the people of this scenic county and
2-25     extend best wishes to them for a joyous Wood County Day; and, be it
2-26     further
 3-1           RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be prepared for the
 3-2     residents of Wood County as a token of esteem from the Texas
 3-3     Legislature.
         _______________________________     _______________________________
             President of the Senate              Speaker of the House
               I hereby certify that S.C.R. No. 70 was adopted by the Senate
         on April 28, 1999.
                                                 Secretary of the Senate
               I hereby certify that S.C.R. No. 70 was adopted by the House
         on April 28, 1999.
                                                 Chief Clerk of the House