1-1                          SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 341
 1-2           WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes pride in
 1-3     recognizing Forrest M. Markward, who is retiring after 60 years
 1-4     of outstanding service as an attorney-at-law in Fort Worth; and
 1-5           WHEREAS, Born June 24, 1914, in San Antonio, Forrest served
 1-6     in the United States Army during World War II and followed in
 1-7     his uncle's footsteps when he entered the legal field; his
 1-8     uncle, John Edward Hickman, was a lawyer who went on to serve
 1-9     as Texas Supreme Court chief justice from 1948 to 1961; and
1-10           WHEREAS, Mr. Markward began his highly successful career
1-11     as a lawyer on January 1, 1939, and has spent the last six
1-12     decades in general civil law, oil and gas, and probate and
1-13     estate planning; he was a partner for more than half of his
1-14     career with Robert C. Pepper; he joined McLean and Sanders
1-15     law firm in Fort Worth in 1981; and
1-16           WHEREAS, Mr. Markward recalls that one of the most memorable
1-17     events in his life was when he attended a chamber of commerce
1-18     breakfast for President Kennedy at the Texas Hotel hours before
1-19     Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963; he later represented
1-20     Marina Oswald, who was left a widow with two small children
1-21     following the event, and prepared a trust fund on her behalf; and
1-22           WHEREAS, A highly respected community leader, Mr. Markward
1-23     was president of the Tarrant County Bar Association in 1962 and
1-24     later received the association's Blackstone Award in 1979; he also
 2-1     assisted his sister, Dell DeHay, to select and classify materials
 2-2     for the Tarrant County Law Library throughout the 1960s and 1970s;
 2-3     the library has been named in her honor; and
 2-4           WHEREAS, Forrest Markward is a life member of Kiwanis
 2-5     International and has served as the association's director,
 2-6     vice president, and secretary; he is a George H. Hixson
 2-7     Fellowship Recipient; and
 2-8           WHEREAS, Noted for his wisdom, his expertise in the field
 2-9     of law, and his humility, Forrest Markward is an exemplary
2-10     gentleman who has distinguished himself in his profession,
2-11     and his presence at McLean and Sanders law firm will be greatly
2-12     missed; now, therefore, be it
2-13           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
2-14     76th Legislature, hereby commend Forrest M. Markward on his
2-15     outstanding legal career and his many personal accomplishments
2-16     and extend to him best wishes for the retirement years ahead;
2-17     and, be it further
2-18           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for him
2-19     as an expression of esteem from the Texas Senate.
2-20                                                                Moncrief
2-21                                  ______________________________________
2-22                                          President of the Senate
2-23                                       I hereby certify that the above
2-24                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate
2-25                                  on March 4, 1999.
2-26                                  ______________________________________
2-27                                          Secretary of the Senate
2-28                                  ______________________________________
2-29                                           Member, Texas Senate