1-1                                     1
 1-2                          SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 606
 1-3           WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is proud to pay
 1-4     tribute to the City of Gonzales for the vital role it played in
 1-5     the history of the Texas struggle for independence and for being
 1-6     known as the Lexington of Texas; and
 1-7           WHEREAS, Gonzales is famous for being the site of the first
 1-8     shot fired in the Texas Revolution, and it has been called the
 1-9     Lexington of Texas because of the corresponding way the Texas War
1-10     for Independence and the way the Revolutionary War began; and
1-11           WHEREAS, In 1775, because of unrest felt on the part of the
1-12     American colonists during the rule of the British, the British army
1-13     advanced into Lexington, Massachusetts, intending to seize the arms
1-14     and ammunition belonging to the settlers there; and
1-15           WHEREAS, On April 19, 1775, the settlers made a stand, and
1-16     soon the first shot of the American Revolution was fired and was
1-17     known as the shot heard around the world; and
1-18           WHEREAS, Both Texans and the American colonists were far
1-19     from their central governing authorities, and many years after
1-20     the American Revolution, the Texas colonists were beginning to
1-21     reevaluate their feelings about the way the Mexican colonial
1-22     government was responding to their needs; and
1-23           WHEREAS, Earlier, Mexican authorities had sent a small cannon
1-24     to Gonzales to protect the residents; in 1835, the air was rife
 2-1     with revolutionary feeling, and Mexico was demanding the return of
 2-2     the cannon; the people of the town refused; and
 2-3           WHEREAS, The Mexican government sent 100 soldiers to Gonzales
 2-4     to bring the cannon back and end the insurgence; the townspeople
 2-5     sent 18 men to postpone the soldiers' arrival by removing the only
 2-6     ferry with access to the town, thereby forcing them to find another
 2-7     crossing; the process delayed the invaders until October 2, 1835;
 2-8     and
 2-9           WHEREAS, That day, 50 armed Texans commanded by
2-10     Colonel J. H. Moore and Lieutenant J. W. E. Wallace met the
2-11     Mexican soldiers; the Texas group was behind the cannon, and over
2-12     it flew the banner with its famous inscription, "Come and Take It";
2-13     the cannon was deployed, firing one shot, and the Mexican army
2-14     retreated; Texas began its journey to independence and statehood;
2-15     and
2-16           WHEREAS, The similarities between the two battles are marked,
2-17     both concerned the tenacity of individuals willing to put their
2-18     lives in jeopardy for the illustrious cause of freedom; now,
2-19     therefore, be it
2-20           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
2-21     76th Legislature, hereby pay tribute to the shared heritage
2-22     of Texans and Americans and recognize Gonzales, Texas, as the
2-23     Lexington of Texas, honoring the significant role the town played
2-24     in the Texas Revolution; and, be it further
2-25           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
2-26     the town as an expression of the highest regard and esteem of the
 3-1     Texas Senate.
 3-2                                                              Armbrister
 3-3                                  ______________________________________
 3-4                                          President of the Senate
 3-5                                       I hereby certify that the above
 3-6                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate
 3-7                                  on April 12, 1999.
 3-8                                  ______________________________________
 3-9                                          Secretary of the Senate
3-10                                  ______________________________________
3-11                                           Member, Texas Senate