The House Committee on Financial Institutions 
         76th Legislature 
         April 6, 2000 
         10:00 a.m. 
         Capitol Extension, E2.030 
         Pursuant to a notice posted on March 16, 2000, the House  
         Committee on Financial Institutions met in a public hearing and  
         was called to order by the chair, Representative Averitt, at  
         10:06 a.m. 
         The roll was answered as follows: 
         Present:  Representatives Averitt; Denny; Elkins; Pitts; Solis,  
                   Juan (5). 
         Absent:   Representatives Solomons; Ehrhardt; Grusendorf;  
                   Marchant (4). 
         A quorum was present. 
         (Representative Solomons now present.) 
         Testimony was taken on several of the Committee's interim  
         charges (See attached witness list).  The charges addressed are  
         as follows: 
              Conduct a review of the home equity lending market,  
              including lender activities and practices, to assess the  
              extent to which the expectations of the 75th Legislature  
              are being met. 
              Conduct active oversight of the agencies under the  
         committee's jurisdiction. 
              Research the practices commonly known as "payday loans" and  
              "sale leasebacks" to determine the need to regulate such  
         At 4:06 p.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection,  
         the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair. 
         Rep. Averitt, Chair 
         Bryan McMath, Clerk