SENATE COMMITTEE ON FINANCE 
                            Monday, February 1, 1999 
                                    9:00 a.m. 
                         Capitol Extension, Room E1.036 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule  
         11.11, a public hearing of the Senate Committee on Finance was  
         held on Monday,  February 1, 1999 in the Capitol Extension,  
         Room E1.036, at Austin, Texas.   
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Senator Bill Ratliff                    None 
         Senator Carlos Truan 
         Senator Gonzalo Barrientos 
         Senator John Carona 
         Senator Robert Duncan 
         Senator Troy Fraser 
         Senator Mario Gallegos, Jr. 
         Senator Jon Lindsay 
         Senator Mike Moncrief 
         Senator Steve Ogden 
         Senator Royce West 
         The Chair called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.  There  
         being a quorum present, the following business was transacted.   
         The following members arrived after the roll was called:   
         The Chair recognized John O'Brien to explain the Legislative  
         Budget Board's Budget and Performance Summaries. 
         The Chair recognized the following to provide testimony on  
         Legislative Budget Board (LBB) recommendations: 
         State Securities Board 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Nicholas C. Taylor, Board Chairman 
              Denise Voight Crawford, Commissioner 
              Tom Spradlin, Director of Information Resources and  
         Department of Licensing and Regulation 
              Cassandra Burke, LBB 
              Elliott McConnoll, Board Member 
              Rachelle Martin, Executive Director 
              Patrice Nance, Director of Administration 
              Shannon Noble, Texas Air Conditioning Contractors  
              John Osgood, Jr., Texas Air Conditioning Contractors  
              Nancy Jones, Texas Air Conditioning Contractors  
              Maria Tamez, Coalition of Texans with Disabilities 
         Racing Commission 
              Heidi Lopez-Cepero, LBB 
              Tim Craig, Chief Financial Officer 
              Paula C. Flowerday, Executive Secretary 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Jean Cook, Deputy Director 
         Real Estate Commission 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Jay Brummett, Board Chairman 
              Wayne Thorburn, Administrator 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Brian E. Francis, Assistant Administrator 
              Mark Lehman, Texas Association of Realtors 
         Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Renil Liner, Commissioner 
              Ben E. Barnett, Board Member 
         Tax Professional Examiners 
              Rick Travis, LBB 
              David Montoya, Executive Director 
              Foy Mitchell, Jr., Chief Appraiser 
         Board of Professional Land Surveying 
              Cassandra Burke, LBB 
              Andrew Sikes, Board Member 
              Sandy Smith, Executive Director 
         Workers' Compensation Commission 
              Cassandra Burke, LBB 
              Len Riley, Executive Director 
         Research & Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation 
              Cassandra Burke, LBB 
              D. Scott McAnally, Executive Director 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Amy Lee, Research Specialist 
              Charles A. Barnett, Staff Services Officer 
         Department of  Insurance 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Jose Montemayor, Commissioner 
              Elton Bomer, Secretary of State (former Commissioner) 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Karen Phillips, Chief Financial Officer 
         Office of Public Insurance Counsel 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Rod Bordelon, Executive Director 
         Credit Union Department 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Richard A. Glasco, Vice Chairman 
              Harold Feeney, Commissioner 
              Anne Boatright, Chief Executive Officer of a local credit  
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Lynette Pool-Harris, Deputy Commissioner 
              Hal Thomas, Board Member 
         Consumer Credit Commissioner 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Leslie L. Pettijohn, Commissioner 
         Savings & Loan Department 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Jim Pledger, Commissioner 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              John T. DeMarines, Director of Corporate Activities 
         Banking Department 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Catherine A. Ghiglieri, Commissioner 
         Finance Commission 
              David Pagan, LBB 
              Catherine A. Ghiglieri, Banking Commissioner 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Steven Hastings, Board Member 
         There being no further business, at 3:40 p.m., Senator Ratliff  
         announced that the Committee would stand recessed until 9:00  
         a.m., Tuesday, February 2, 1999.  Without objection, it was so  
         Senator Bill Ratliff, Chair 
         Patricia Hicks, Clerk