HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                         NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Appropriations

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Tuesday, April 27, 1999

PLACE: E1.030

CHAIR: Rep. Robert Junell

This schedule is for the House/Senate conference meeting.

   Committee will meet upon adjournment of the House Committee on
   Article I
   Aircraft Pooling Board
   Arts, Commission on the
   Attorney General, Office of the
   Workers' Compensation Payments
   Bond Review Board
   Comptroller of Public Accounts
     Fiscal Programs - Comptroller of Public Accounts
     Ranger Pensions
       Social Security
   Emergency Communications, Advisory
   Commission on State Employees Retirement System
   Employees Retirement System
   Ethics Commission, Texas
   Finance Authority, Public
   Fire Fighters' Pension Commissioner
   General Services Commission, State
   Governor, Office of the
   Trusteed Programs within the Office of the Governor
   Historical Commission
         Juneteenth Commission
   Human Rights, Commission on
   Incentive and Productivity Commission, Texas
   Information Resources, Department of
   Library and Archives Commission
   Pension Review Board
   Preservation Board
   Secretary of State
   State-Federal Relations, Office of
   Veterans Commission
   Special Provisions Relating to Article I