NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Insurance

TIME & DATE: 10:30AM or upon adjournment
             Tuesday, April 27, 1999

PLACE: E1.010

CHAIR: Rep. John T. Smithee

To consider the following:


HB 792            Maxey
Relating to the regulation of viatical settlement agreements.

HB 1586            Naishtat
Relating to the coverage by long-term care insurance policies of
the parents of an insured or the parents of the spouse of an

HB 1627            Maxey
Relating to certain requirements for insurers that contract with

HB 1811            Counts
Relating to certain requirements for directors of insurance
guaranty associations.

SB 139            Moncrief
Relating to residential fire suppression devices and to an
insurance premium discount for the installation of such a device.

SB 295            Jackson
Relating to the servicing of a portable fire extinguisher.

SB 901            Sibley
Relating to dividends payable to policyholders under certain group
insurance programs.

SB 984            Madla
Relating to insurers' written statements of the reasons for
cancellation, declination, or nonrenewal of certain insurance

SB 1076            Carona
Relating to certain types of noncredit insurance and other products
offered in connection with a consumer loan.

SB 1610            Lucio
Relating to insurance credit for the use of compressed air foam
technology in fire-fighting equipment.