NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Ways & Means

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon adjournment
             Wednesday, May 19, 1999

PLACE: E2.014

CHAIR: Rep. Rene Oliveira


SB 9            Duncan
Relating to a franchise tax credit for corporations that provide
financing for certain before and after school programs.

SB 58            Haywood / et al.
Relating to incentives for an employer that establishes and
operates a day-care center for children of employees or purchases
child-care services for employees.

SB 329            Haywood
Relating to the date on which certain tax payments are due.

SB 783            Moncrief
Relating to a franchise tax credit for wages paid to persons with
certain disabilities.

SB 1209            Cain
Relating to communication in an electronic format between a
property owner and a chief appraiser of an appraisal district for
the purpose of ad valorem taxation.

SB 1461            Cain
Relating to the calculation of a residence homestead exemption from
ad valorem taxation and the limitation of school taxes on the
homestead of an elderly person if the owner of the homestead
qualifies for the exemption or limitation after the beginning of a
tax year.

SB 1772            Zaffirini
Relating to the allocation of revenue from certain hotel taxes for
certain purposes in certain municipalities located in a park and
recreation district.

SB 693            Cain
Relating to public notice of and public hearings on proposed ad
valorem tax rates.

SB 694            Cain
Relating to the written notice of the appraised value of property
for ad valorem tax purposes delivered by a chief appraiser to the
property owner.

SB 1108            Shapleigh / et al.
Relating to the disposition of the proceeds of fines collected for
overweight vehicles.

SB 1256            Nelson
Relating to the provision of certain tax information to a crime
control and prevention district.

SB 1464            Cain
Relating to the appraisal of furniture, fixtures, and equipment for
ad valorem tax purposes.