NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Human Services

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Wednesday, April 28, 1999

PLACE: Senate Chamber

CHAIR: Senator Judith Zaffirini


To consider the following:

HB 822            Maxey / et al.           SP: Cain
Relating to the creation of a task force composed of state and
county representatives to study federal reimbursements to counties.

HB 875            Maxey                    SP: Zaffirini
Relating to increasing collections for cases of fraud in the
Medicaid, financial assistance, and food stamp programs.

HB 1514            Maxey                    SP: Zaffirini
Relating to implementation of certain procedures to ensure accuracy
of medical assistance eligibility lists.

SB 666            Zaffirini
Relating to exemptions from work or employment activity
participation requirements for certain TANF recipients.

SB 800            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the summer food service program.

SB 983            Madla
Relating to a branch office of a home health or personal assistance
services agency.

SB 1259            Moncrief
Relating to use of the housing trust fund to benefit certain

SB 1391            Shapleigh
Relating to the allocation by the Texas Workforce Commission of
certain funds for child care services.

SB 1591            Zaffirini
Relating to implementing national standards for the electronic
processing of health care and health payment information.

To accommodate all witnesses, testimony will be limited to three
minutes per person.  Written testimony may be submitted in advance.