NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Human Services

TIME & DATE:  7:00AM, Thursday, May 13, 1999

PLACE: Senate Chamber

CHAIR: Senator Judith Zaffirini


To consider the following:

HB 494            Maxey / et al.           SP: Moncrief
Relating to drug benefits available under certain health care
programs administered by the Texas Department of Health.

HB 1864            Capelo                   SP: Shapleigh
Relating to the study and development of outreach and education
programs for promotoras or community health workers under which
community residents provide public health education services.

HB 2563            Lewis, Glenn             SP: Ellis, Rodney
Relating to creation of a pilot program to establish individual
development accounts for certain low-income individuals.

HB 2840            Keffer                   SP: Sibley
Relating to the definition of "assistance organization" for
purposes of state surplus and salvage property.

HB 3470            Olivo                    SP: Zaffirini
Relating to the creation of a Parents as Scholars pilot program for
certain persons eligible to receive TANF benefits.

HB 3606            Salinas                  SP: Zaffirini
Relating to licensing requirements for alternative education
programs that provide chemical dependency treatment services.

Pending business:

HB 3693            Hunter                   SP: Fraser
Relating to certification under the state Medicaid program of
nursing home beds in certain nursing facilities.

To accommodate all witnesses, testimony will be limited to three
minutes per person. Written testimony may be submitted in advance.



HB 3470
HB 3606
HB 3693