SB 7
State Affairs Committee

April 12, 1999 -  2:00P or upon adjournment
    For:      Baker, Thomas L (Association of Electric Companies of
              Magruder, Kathleen E (Enron Corp)
              Marston, Jim (Enviornmental Defense Fund)
              Moore, Mickey (Texas Retailers Association)
              ONeil, Robert A (Texas Electric Cooperatives)
              Pinkus, David (Small Business United of TX)
              Schaeffer, Steve (AECT & Reliant Energy)
              Zion, Mark (TPPA)
    Against:  Farrell, Thomas (City of Rollingwood)
              Fitzpatrick, James M. (Self and AARP Texas State
              Legislative Committee & AARP Members in Texas)
              Thompson, Dwight (Citizens of West Lake Hills)
    On:       Bacon, Pamela (The University of Texas System)
              Brand, Greg (Shell Energy)
              Dewhurst, David (Texas General Land Office)
              Elsenberg, Joel F (Self)
              Kroger, Stepanie A (Self and Texas Coalition of
              Competetive Electricity)
              Lacy, Kerry (Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency)
              Ogletree Jr, Beh R. (Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency)
  Committee Substitute (Wolens)
    For:      Blunden, Julie (Green Mountain Energy)
              Forward, Gordon (Self and TXI and its subsidiary,
              Chaparral Steel)
              Johnson, Stan (Self and Texas Air Conditioning
              Contractors Ass.)
              King, Robert J (Texas Energy Services Coalition)
              Marston, Jim (Enviornmental Defense Fund)
              Osgood Jr, John (Self and Texas Air Conditioning
              Palmer, Ray (New Energy Ventures)
              Schonborn, Josh (Self)
              Stone, Garrett (NUCOR Steel)
              Tramuto, James A (Competetive Power Advocates)
              Weaver, Klip (Self and Control Systems International)
              Williams, Mike (Texas Electric Cooperatives)
    Against:  Biedrzyckl, Carol (Self and Texas Ratepayers
              Organization to Save Energy)
              Briesemeister, Janee (Consumers Union; Southwest
              Regional Office)
              Buchanan, Burl (City of Spearman)
              Chapman, Randall (Self and Texas Legal Services Center)
              Fenoglio, Stephen (Apache Corporation & Texas
              Independent Producers & Royalty Olivers Assoc)
              Fenoglio, Stephen (Texas Cattle Feeders Association)
              Fenoglio, Stephen (Texas Cotton Ginners Association)
              Gooch, Claudia (Self and EOAC)
              Oppenheim, Jerruld (National Comsumer Law Center)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizens Members)
              Summers, Glenn (Self and EOAC of Waco)
    On:       Darling, Jim (City of McAllen; CP&L Cities' Steering
              Eminger, Randy (The Center for Energy & Economic
              King, Robert (Tx Renewable Power Coalition)
              Levy, Rick (TX AFL-CIO)
              McClellan, Suzi (Office of Public Utility Counsel)
              Patrick, Matthew C. (Self)
              Smith, George (Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter Air Quality
              Wood, Pat (PUC)

May 12, 1999 -  2:00P or upon adjournment
  Committee Substitute (Wolens)
    For:      Akers, Monte (Texas Municipal League)
              Caroll, Marianne (Tenaska)
              Palmer, Ray (New Energy Venture)
              Schaeffer, Steve (Reliant Energy & AECT)
              Segrest, Philip (Brazos Electric Power Cooperative,
              Zion, Mark (TPPA)
    Against:  Stapp, Jerry (Self and Big County Electric Coop)
    On:       Wood, III, Pat (Public Utlility Commission of Texas)