Appropriations Committee
March 22, 1999-8:00A

    On:       Archer, Reyn (Department of Health)
              Bradley, Jon (Protective and Regulatory Services)
              Burgdorf, Jayna (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
              Delgado, Ben (Department of Health)
              Doebner, Thomas (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Evans, John (Department of Health)
              Flack, Teri (Higher Education Coordinating Board)
              Hawkins, Albert (Office of the Governor)
              Heald, Charles (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Hendricks, Cathy (Texas Board of Architectural
              Hine, Jim (Protective and Regulatory Services)
              Kiplin, Kimberly (Texas Lottery Commission)
              Moses, Mike (Texas Education Agency)
              Patterson, Patti (Department of Health)
              Pedde, Ron (Texas Natural Resource Conservation
              Rath, Diane (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Reiley, Cathy (Texas A&M University System)
              Ringer, Frank (Department of Health)
              Saitas, Jeff (Texas Natural Resource Conservation
              Sanchez, Bart (Texas Lottery Commission)
              Sansome, Andrew (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
              Sheridan, Mike (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Travino, Nelda (Texas Lottery Commission)
              Washington, Randy (Department of Health)