Elections Committee
(Subcommittee on Campaign Finance)
August 28, 2000-10:00A

Campaign Finance
    On:       Anderson, Ken (Self and Republican Party of TX)
              Baker, Roger (Self)
              Clayton, Bill (Self)
              Crawford, Keith (Self)
              Daly, Richard (Self and TX Catholic Conference)
              Davis, Denise (TX Judicial Council)
              Dieter, Allison (Self and Grey Panthers)
              Gandy, Charles (Self)
              Garcia, Humberto (Campaigns for People)
              Gaston, James (Self and TX Democratic Party)
              Greene, Linda (Self)
              Harrison, Stephen D. (Associated General Contractors of
                   America, Ft. Worth Chapter)
              Lawrence, Mickey Jo (Self)
              Lewis, Fred (Campaigns for People)
              McDonald, Craig L. (Texans for Public Justice)
              Metcalfe, Travis (Self)
              Miller, Gertrude (Self and American Jewish Congress)
              Moorhead, Bee (TX IMPACT)
              Murray, Jim (Self)
              Patterson, Jerry (Campaigns for People)
              Porter, J.D. (Self)
              Ray, Ramirez (Self)
              Reber, PhD, Douglas (Self and Travis County Green Party)
              Rodgers, Brian (Self)
              Smith, Virginia (Self)
              Ware, Weston (TX Baptist Christian Life Commission)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Ashley, Natalia L. (TX Ethics Commission - Resource
              Benold, Stephanie (Self)
              Brown, Sharon (TX Alliance for Human Needs)
              Bykoski, Mark (Self)
              Carnes, Brian (Self)
              DuBose, Simon Paul (Ch. of the Golden Rule - Colorado
                   Bioregional Ass.)
              Fenwick, Laura (Self)
              Fridrich, Pam (Common Cause of TX)
              Groppe, Laura (Self)
              Harrison, Tom (TX Ethics Commission - Resource Witness)
              Lundquist, Karen (TX Ethics Commission - Resource
              Madden, David (TX Judicial Council Resource Witness)
    On:       Davis, Denise (TX Judicial Council - Resource Witness)