Environmental Regulation Committee
February 15, 1999-2:00P

HB 801
    For:      Dworsky, P.E., Joseph E. (Gene) (Self and Eastman
                   Chemical Company)
              Glacken, Shawn (Association of Electric Companies of
              Miksa, Mary (Texas Association of Business & Chambers of
              Rigsbee, Ken (Phillips Petroleum Company)
              Seals, Paul (Self and Texas Chemical Council)
              Swinford, Representative David (Self)
              Terrell, James (Texas Association of Dairymen)
              Uher, Representative Tom (Self)
    Against:  du Toit, Jane (Self and People United for the
              Alvarez, Raul (Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club)
              Anderson, LaNell (Self and Grandparents of East Harris
                   County; Concerned Citizen Against Pollution;
                   Citizens Envt. Council)
              Anderson, Sparky (Clean Water Action)
              Appel, Herb (Self and The Greater Fort Bend County
                   Economic Development Council)
              Baldauf, Jim (Self and Texans United Education Fund)
              Barton, Bob (Self and Citizens League for Environmental
                   Action Now, Inc.)
              Bissel, Alice (Self)
              Carter, Mary W. (Self)
              Garrison, Julie (Self)
              Geyer, Bob (Self and Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund)
              Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)
              Hill, Richard (Self and Beach City, Chambers County)
              Lenz, Carol (Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack)
              Lowerre, Richard (Self and Cities of Del Rio &
              Marsden, Julia (Self and League of Women Voters of
              Marston, Jim (Environmental Defense Fund)
              McClinchie, Malcomb U. (Self and Citizens League for
                   Environmental Action Now)
              McKissack, Kathy (Self)
              Sagsetter, Chris (Self and Lake Houston F.I.S.T.)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen Member)
              Sonden, Dr. Jill (Comal Area League of Women Voters)
              Stokes, Jr., Robert J. (Harris County  Attorney's
              Thomas, Jerry (Self and Bridgestone HOA)

overview of environmental education
    On:       Anderson, Israel (TNRCC)

    On:       Fuller, Joseph L. (Texas Department of Health)
              Ratliff, P.E., Richard (Texas Department of Health)

    On:       Bell, Doug (Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

TNRCC Overview
    On:       Saitas, Jeff (TNRCC)