Environmental Regulation Committee
March 15, 1999-2:00P

HB 1028
    For:      Alvarez, Raul (Sierra Club - Lone Star Chapter)
              James, Reggie (Consumers Union SW Regional Office)
              Marsden, Julia A. (Self and League of Women Voters Of
                   Texas and Right to Know/Right to Act Network)
              Schneider, Bob (Self)
              Simpson, Richard (Border Environmental Network)
              Valdivia, Enrique (Self and San Antonio Coalition for
                   Environmental & Eco. Justice; Neighborhoods 1st
                   Alliance; Bob Schneider)
    Against:  Miksa, Mary (Texas Association of Business & Chambers of
              Miller, John E. (Texas Chapter of the National Solid
                   Waste Management Association (NSWMA))
    On:       Fisher, Jon (Texas Chemical Council)
              Ing, Leigh (Texas Natural Resource Conservation
              Ligarde, Margaret (Waste Management)

HB 1550
    For:      Gibbs, Gary (Association of Electric Companies of Texas)
    Against:  Blanton, Tom (Texas Automobile Dealers Assn.)
              Curlee, Durward (Automotive Service Association (ASA))
              Grant, Mark (Self)
              Horn, Mary (Self and Tax Assessor/Collectors Assn.)
              Mansfield, Don (Automotive Service Professionals of
              Martin, Ed (Self and T.S.I.A Texas State Inspection
              Mennis, Troy (Texas Vehicle Club Council)
              Nowels, Michael (Texas State Inspection Assoc.)
              Pundt, Gary (Self)
              Quinten, Jim (Automotive Wholesalers of Texas)
              Rainey, David D. (Self and Sticker Stop)
              Spreadbury, Dr. Wendall N. (Self and Tx Vehicle Club
                   Cncil; Deep East Tx Reg. Antique Auto Club of
                   America; Arklatex Packard Region PAC)
              Thompson, Al (Self and Wheels to Work Program)
              Utley, Kelly I. (Self and K&M State Inspection)
              Wallace, Ed (Self)
              Wasson, Francis (Self)
              Williams, Bill (Self)
    On:       Greco, Danielle (Environmental Defense Fund)
              Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
              Rennie, Sandra (U.S. EPA Region 6)
              Smith, Major Ricky D. (Texas Department of Public

HB 1838
    For:      Berry, Jacob McKenzie (Self and Texas On-Site Wastewater
                   Association-Gulf Coast Chapter)
              Carter, Burt C. (Self)
              Digges, Charles (Texas On-Site Wastewater Association,
                   Current Position:  President)
              Janus, Conrad (Self and Texas Environmental Association)
              Shaffer, Ginger (Self and Texas Environmental Health
    Against:  Schulle, Jr., Gerhardt (Texas Society of Professional
    On:       Briseno, Elias (Texas Department of Health)
              Speed, John R. (Texas Board of Professional Engineer)