Environmental Regulation Committee
March 7, 2000-1:00P

Compliance with Clean Air Standards
    For:      Benthel, Harless (Houston Construction Industry
    On:       Beatty, George (Texas Clean Air Working Group, Co-Chair)
              Bosse, Fred (Representative) (Self)
              Brown, Lee (Mayor, City of Houston)
              Duncan, Charles W. (Business Coalition for Clean Air,
              Feith, Ed (Association of Electric Companies of Texas,
                   Environmental Manager - Reliant Energy)
              Fiffick, Laura Wolfe (Port of Houston Authority,
                   Environmental Affairs Mgr.)
              Frels, Kelly (Greater Houston Partnership, Member, Board
                   of Directors, Chairman, Environmental Committee)
              Glacken, Shawn (TXU, Environmental Programs Manager)
              Mowrey, J. Kelly (Gull Enterprises, President)
              Rentz, Rebecca Jane (Harris County Judge Robert Eckels)
              Royer, James R. (Chair, Greater Houston Partnership)
              Saitas, Jeff (TNRCC Executive Director)
              Smolik, Sam L. (Dow Chemical, Director Environmental
                   Health & Safety)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    Against:  Wood, Kathryn "Toy" (Greater Houston Builders
                   Association, Director of Governmental Affairs)
    On:       Millerick, David L. (Ford Motor Company, Manager,
                   Emissions Planning)
              Weverstan, Alan (GM, Director Mobile Emission & Fuel
                   Efficiency Team)