Environmental Regulation Committee
May 3, 2000-10:00A

Low-Level Radioactive Waste
    For:      Clayton, Bill (Self and Envirocare of Texas)
              Dunn, Wesley M. (International Isotopes, Inc.)
              Kay, Douglas C. (TXU)
              Powell, G.T. (Self and South Texas Nuclear Operating
    Against:  Burnett, Laura (Self and Friends of Ward County)
              Darling, Donald L. (Self)
    On:       Barker, Jimmy (Texas Radiation Advisory Board)
              Bernstein, Robert, Ph.D (Self)
              Fausett, Kathy (Self)
              Hamilton, Ian Scott (Self and South Texas Chapter -
                   Health Physics Society)
              Khromer, Jack, Ph.D. (Texas Radiation Advisory Board)
              Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club & (The
                   Public Interest Sunset Working Group))
              Lindley, Clark (Self and Reeves County Judge Jimmy
              Maxey, Margaret N. (Self)
              McBurney, Ruth (Texas Department of Health)
              Ratliff, Richard (Texas Department of Health)
              Saitas, Jeff (TNRCC Executive Director)
              Selig, Edward (Advocates for Responsible Disposal in
              Solar, Susan Lee (Self and nonprofit group Grandmothers
                   and Mothers Alliance for the Future)

Municipal Solid Waste Tipping Fees
    For:      Buchanan, Burl (City of Spearman and PRPC)
              Janecka, Ed (Co. Judge, Fayette Co.)
              Ray, Jim (Texas Association of Regional Councils)
    On:       Irby, W.W. "Buddy" (Chambers County & H-GAC)
              Jennings, Sheila (Texas Association of Regional
              Knight, Glynn (East Texas Council of Governments)
              Lenz, Carole (Harris Co. Commissioner Steve Radack &
                   Harris Co. Resource Management Program)
              Meyers, W.A. "Andy" (Houston-Galveston Area Council of
                   Governments, Fort Bend County Pct. 3 Commissioner)
              Miller, Chaz (Texas Chapter, National Solid Wastes
                   Management Association)
              Nix, Mary (City of Irving - Dept. of Public Health and
                   Environmental Services)
              Pitner, Gary (Panhandle Regional Planning Commission)
              Saitas, Jeff (TNRCC Executive Director)
              Steele, Jack (Self and Executive Director,
                   Houston-Galveston Area Council, Councilmember
                   Carroll Robinson, City of Houston)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Voights, Betty (Capital Area Planning Council)

    On:       Fuller, Joseph L. (Texas Department of Health)
              Kotrla, Claren J. (Texas Department of Health)
              Longley, Joey (Sunset Advisory Commission)
              Ratliff, Richard (Texas Department of Health)
              Saitas, Jeff (TNRCC Executive Director)
              Tate, Arthur C. (Texas Department of Health)