Financial Institutions Committee
April 6, 2000-10:00A

Agency Operations
    On:       Buie, Jim (Texas Bond Review Board)
              Edwards, Kimberly K. (Texas Public Finance Authority)
              Feeney, Harold E. (Texas Credit Union Department)
              James, Randall S. (Texas Dept. of Banking)
              Pettijohn, Leslie (Office of Consumer Credit
              Pledger, Jim (Texas Savings & Loan Department)

Home Equity Lending
    For:      Stinson, Bill (Texas Association of Realtors)
    On:       Batsell, Richard R. (Self)
              James, Randall S. (Texas Department of Banking)
              Norcross, Rob (Texas Home Equity Lenders Group)
              Pettijohn, Leslie (Office of Consumer Credit
              Pinkus, David (Small Business United of Texas)
              Schneider, Rob (Consumers Union - Southwest Regional

Pay Day Loans
    On:       Mattax, David C. (Office of the Attorney General)

Sale Leasebacks
    On:       Dwyer, John Steven (Self and M G Capital Investments;
                   Instant Rental)
              Martinez, John (Texans For Financial Freedom)

Pay Day Loans
    For:      Norrington, Eric (Ace Cash Express, Inc.; CFSA, Inc.)
              White, Bill (Cash America Intl.)

Pay Day Loans / Sale Leasebacks
    On:       Kelley, Sam (Texas Consumer Finance Association)