Subcommittee on Technology & Business Growth Committee
March 4, 1999-8:30A  

SB 274
   For:     Shannon Ratliff (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin

SB 598
   For:     Don Summers (Austin Generator Service;  N.F.I.B.), Austin

            Eric Glenn (Texas Assoc. of Business & Chambers of Commerce),

            Shannon Ratliff (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin

   Against: Hartley Hampton (Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.), Austin

   On:      Matthew T. Wall (Texas Hospital Association), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Andrew Wise (American Electronics Assoc.), Austin

            Chase Untermeyer (Compaq Computer Corporation), Houston

            David Pinkus (Small Business United), Austin

            Donald Lee (Texas Conference of Urban Counties), Austin

            Durwood Tucker (Texas Farm Bureau), Austin

            George Allen (Texas Apartment Assoc.), Austin

            Karen Neeley (Independent Bankers Assoc. of Texas), Austin

            Michael White (The Greater Houston Partnership), Austin

            Michelle Roberts (Texas Bankers Association), Austin

            Ralph Wayne (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin

            Robert Howden (NFIB/Texas), Rio Grande

   On:      C.J. Brandt (Dept. of Information Resources), Austin

            Carolyn Purcell (Dept. of Information Resources), Austin

   Written materials submitted:
   For:     David Davis (Texas Association Defense Counsel), Austin

   Against: Dan Lambe (Texas Watch), Austin