Subcommittee on Technology & Business Growth Committee
March 18, 1999-8:30A  

SB 106
   FOR:     Chandler, Mickey (Forum for Responsible & Ethical E-mail),

   ON:      LeQuay Parker, Tracy (Self), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Schmehl, Paul (University of Texas at Dallas), Richardson

            Shields, Joe (Self), Friendswood

            Wahala, Karl (City of San Antonio), San Antonio

   Written materials submitted:
   For:     Meyer, Albert (Austin Internet), Austin

            Rathbun, Michael (Internet America), Dallas

SB 456
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Bandy, Susan (Houston 2012), Houston

            Blackwood, Susan (San Antonio Sports Foundation), San Antonio

            Hansen, Don (Texas Hotel & Motel Association), Austin

            Richie Jackson (Texas Restaurant Association), Austin

   On:      Barton, Karey (State Comptroller), Austin

            Hamilton, Billy (State Comptroller), Austin

            LeBas, James (State Comptroller), Austin

SB 614
   FOR:     Cornelius, Rebecca (Pat Griffin Realty, Inc.), Pearland

            Pinkus, David (Small Business United of Texas), Austin

            Rich, Paul (Self), Austin

            Smith, David (Self), Midland

            Waldrop, Alan (TABCC), Austin

   AGAINST: Ayres, Barbara (We Will Not Forget SAJE), Austin

            Hampton, Hartley (Texas Trial Lawyers Association), Austin

            Korioth, Tony (TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool), Austin

            Levy, Rick (Texas AFL-CIO), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Alexander, Tom (NFIB), Austin

            Boyd, J. Patrick (Ray Boyd Plaster & Drywall, Inc.), Garland

            Bruns, Richard (Texas Construction Association), Austin

            Criss, Ralph (NFIB), Austin

            Dipprey, Ron (Dow Chemical Co.), Austin

            Fletcher, Courtney (Extraordinary Events, Inc.), Bastrop

            Galloway, Carolyn (Self), Dallas

            Glenn, Eric (Texas Association of Business & Chambers of
                        Commerce), Austin

            Hammond, Bill (Texas Association of Business & Chambers of
                        Commerce), Austin

            Hansen, Don (Texas Hotel & Motel Association), Austin

            Howden, Robert (NFIB/TX), Austin

            Ingram, Keith (Attorney for Paul Rich), Austin

            Keene, Brad (Westover Capitol, LP), Austin

            Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association), Austin

            Newton, Chris (Texas Petroleum Marketers & Convenience), Austin

            Reynolds, Jim (Mechanical Contractors of Texas), Austin

            Rigsbee, Ken (Phillips Petroleum Co.), Austin

            Risk, Raymond (Texas Construction Association), Austin

            Rowe, Ben (Minyard Food Stores), Coppel

            Salazar, Rossanna (ROSS Communications), Austin

            Schulle, Gerhardt Jr. (Texas Society of Professional
                        Engineers), Austin

            Sewell, Jim (Assoicated General Contractors - Building
                        Branch), Austin

            Spicer, Donald (LCR Contractors, Inc.), Dallas

            Toth, Chris (CD Lone Star & TX Const. Assoc.), Pflugerville

            Tryon, Bill (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin

            Venable, Peggy (Citizens for a Sound Economy), Austin

            Wayne, Ralph (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin

            Wells, Katy (American Electronics Association), Austin

   Against: Dillon, Lana K. (Self), Portland

            McDaniel, Gay (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault),

            Murray, Mary Cay (We Will Not Forget S.A.J.E.), Austin

   Written materials submitted:
   For:     Wise, Andrew (AMerican Electronics Association), Austin

   Against: Aaron, Ron, M.A., J.D. (Jewish Family Service), San Antonio

            Lambe, Dan (Texas Watch), Austin