Intergovernmental Relations Committee
April 25, 2000-9:00A  

Charge Nubmer 5
   On:      Aguilar, Mario (Section 8 Manager), Austin

            Bill Dally (Chief Financial Officer, TDHCA), Austin

            Garwin, John (Director, Office of Strategic Planning, TDHCA),

            Hoffpauir, Keith (Housing Trust Fund Manager, TDHCA), Austin

            Morris, Pam (Director of Housing Finanace Programs, TDHCA),

            Njie, Cherno M. (Manager, Low Income Tax Credit, TDHCA), Austin

            Ocanas, Reymundo (Executive Director, Texas Assoc. of CDC's),

            Spitzengel, Bruce (President, Grant Work, Inc.), Austin

            Stewart, Brent (Director, Mulifamily Finance, TDHCA), Austin

            Stiner, Daisy (Executive Director, TDHCA), Austin

            Sullivan, Michael A. (President, TX State Affordable Housing
                        Corporation), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Cedillo, Ruth (Deputy Executive Director, TDHCA), Austin

            Dunn, Mike (Policy Analyst, TX Assoc. of Community Development
                        Corp), Austin

            Johnson, Byron V. (Director of Bond Finance, TDHCA), Austin

            Orr, Pamela (Consultant, Grant Work, Inc.), Austin