Finance Committee
February 22, 1999-9:00A  

Comm. for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
   On:      Bodine-Smith, Patricia (East Texas Deaf and Hearing), Tyler

            Coco, David (Self), Austin

            Grooms, Tricia (Texas Commission for the Deaf & Hard of
                        Hearing (TCDHH)), Austin

            Janes, Dr. Malisa (People with Hearing Loss), Houston

            Kelly, Esther (Deaf Action Center), Dallas

            Myers, David W. (TCDHH), Austin

            Rarus, Tim (Texas Association for the Deaf), Austin

            Sellers, Tommy S. (Self and Mother-in-Law), Houston

            Smith, Phillip A. (Self), Lindale

            Wells, Tommie (SHHH and AG Bell), Fort Worth

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Collins, Billy (TCDHH and Self), Austin

            Susman, Margaret (TCDHH), Austin

            Turner, Randi (TCDHH), Austin

Commission for the Blind
   On:      Keeney, Robert (Texas Commission for the Blind (TCB)), Houston

            Murphy, Terrell (TCB), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Martinez, Barbara J. (TCB), Austin

            Packard, Robert (TCB), Austin

            Pereyra, Ernest (TCB), Austin

Department of Human Services
   On:      Bonner, Loretto (Alzheimer's Association), not given

            Bost, Eric M. (Texas Department of Human Services (TDHS)),

            Bradberry, Anita (Texas Association for Home Care), Austin

            Bresette, Patrick (Center for Public Policy Priorities), Austin

            Buchanan, Bree (Texas Council on Family Violence), Austin

            Cleveland, Lynne (The Arc of Texas), Houston

            Dwyer, JoAn (New Beginning Center), Garland

            Ferris, Beth (Texas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents),

            Friedman, Jerry (TDHS), Austin

            Gonzalez, Freddy (ADAPT of Texas), Austin

            Graves, Tim (Texas Health Care Association), Austin

            Greebon, Karen (ADAPT of Texas), Austin

            Hagert, Celia (Center for Public Policy Priorities), Austin

            Halfman, Bobby (TDHS), Austin

            Hardy, Alan (AARP), Austin

            Herndon, David (TDHS), Austin

            Johnson, Jacqueline (TDHS), Austin

            Latimer, David (Texas Association of Homes and Services for
                        the Aging), Austin

            Lehrman, Jim (TDHS), Austin

            McAfee, Sharon R. (Women's Center of East Texas), Longview

            McPhail, Jennifer (ADAPT of Texas/Self), Austin

            Metcalf, Rand (ADAPT of Texas/Self), Austin

            Metz, Albert (ADAPT of Texas), Austin

            Mewkowsky, John (Texas Association of Centers for Independent
                        Living), Austin

            Murphree, Susan (Advocacy Inc.), Austin

            Schwartz, Jonas (United Cerebral Palsy of Texas), Austin

            Shahin, Jessica (TDHS), Austin

            Siegel, Cynthia (Alzheimer's Associaion), Bellaire

            Spahn, Wayne (Self), Austin

            Templeton, James (ADAPT of Texas), Austin

            Thomas, Stephanie (ADAPT of Texas), Austin

            Trevey, John (Alzheimer's Advocates), Austin

            Westbrook, Redge (TDHS), Austin

            Wisdom, Marie B. (Advocates for Nursing  Home Reform and
                        Multiple Coalition), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Gold, Marc (TDHS), Austin

            Hoffman, Donna (National Organization for Women in Texas),

            Marshall, Ph.D., Susan (The Arc of Texas), Austin

            Prough, Andrew (Citizens Commission on Human Rights), Austin

            Schnall, Rona (ADAPT of Texas), Austin

            Williamson, Diana (TDHS), Austin

            Wittie, David (ADAPT of Texas), Austin

Workforce Commission
   On:      Bresette, Patrick (Center for Public Policy Priority), Austin

            Curtis, Frank (Texas Association of Goodwills), Austin

            Green, Sharon Knotts (American Electronics Association), Austin

            Nunez, Bertha G. (Self), Taylor

            Powers, Sheila (CIS, Central Texas), Taylor

            Rath, Diane (Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)), Austin

            Robbins, Norman (CIS), Fort Worth

            Sheridan, Mike (TWC), Austin

            Townsend, Randy (TWC), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Arnold, Eddie (Self), Beaumont

            Derese, Vicki (Self/CIS), Port Arthur

            Duke, Aimee (CIS, Southeast), Silsbee

            Dunn, Vernon L. (Self/CIS), Beaumont

            Ellington, Ron (Self/CIS), Port Arthur

            Hammond, Bill (Texas Association of Business and Chambers of
                        Commerce), Austin

            Kelly, Don (Self/CIS), Nederland

            Loving, Don (CIS of Texas, Inc.), Austin

            Salter, Stuart (Self/CIS), Grover