Finance Committee
March 15, 1999-9:00A  

Commission on Human Rights
   On:      Hale, William M. (Commission on Human Rights), Austin

            Manning, David (Commission on Human Rights), Fort Worth

Department of Information Resources
   On:      Purcell, Carolyn (Department of Information Resources), Austin

Historical Commission
   On:      Nau III, John Liston (Historical Commission), Houston

            Oaks, F. Lawerence (Historical Commission), Austin

            Roberts, Wayne R. (Governor's Office), Austin

Incentive & Productivity Commission

Library and Archives Commission
   On:      Martin, Robert S. (Library and Archives), Austin

            Roberts, Wayne R. (Governor's Office), Austin

Office of Risk Management
   On:      Birdwell, Bruce (State Office of Risk Management), Austin

Office of State-Federal Relations
   On:      Rich, Laurie (Office of State-Federal Relations), Austin

Pension Review Board
   On:      Horwitz, Rita (Pension Review Board), Austin

Secretary of State
   On:      Bomer, Elton (Office of the Secretary of State), Austin

State Preservation Board
   On:      Crawford, Rick (State Preservation Board), Austin

            Ragland, Brian (State Preservation Board), Austin

Veterans Commission
   On:      Brieden III, John A. (Veterans Commission), Austin

            Buerschinger, Charles (Veterans Commission), Austin