Finance Committee
March 31, 1999-9:00A  

SB 441
   FOR:     Igo, Shanna (Texas Municipal League), Austin

   ON:      Heleman, John (Office of Comptroller of Public Accounts),

Department of Health
   On:      Archer, William R. (Texas Department of Health), Austin

Health & Human Services Commission
   On:      Gilbert, Don (Health and Human Services Commission), Austin

Mental Health & Mental Retardation
   On:      Hale, Karen (Texas Department of Mental Health & Mental
                        Retardation), Austin

S.B. 2 Pending Markup Issues
   On:      Boone, Latham (Special Prison Prosecution Unit), Huntsville

            Cloud, Linda (Texas Lottery Commission), Austin

            Purcell, Carolyn (Department of Information Resources), Austin

            Sanchez, Bart (Texas Lottery Commission), Austin