Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Graduate Medical Education-Interim Charg)
January 13, 2000-9:00A  

Graduate Medical Ed. (GME) Overview
   On:      Bready, Dr. Lois L. (University of Texas Health Science Center
                        - San Antonio), San Antonio

Medical School Perspectives on GME
   On:      Alford, Dr. Bobby R. (Baylor College of Medicine), Houston

            Blackwell, Dr. Deborah (University of North Texas Health
                        Science Center), Fort Worth

            Guckian, Dr. James (University of Texas System), Austin

            McCallum, Dr. Rod (Texas A&M University System Health Science
                        Center), College Station

            Smith, Dr. David R. (Texas Tech University Health Sciences
                        Center), Lubbock

Public Testimony
   On:      Farr, George (Children's Medical Center of Dallas), Plano

            Morrow, Dr. Robert (Texas Medical Association), Sugar Land

            Wildenthal, Dr. Kern (University of Texas Southwestern Medical
                        Center), Dallas

Recent GME Funding Issues
   On:      Berndt, Trey (Legislative Budget Board), Austin

Teaching Hosp. Perspectives on GME
   On:      Guest, John A. (University Health System/Bexar County Hospital
                        District), San Antonio