Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on ERS & TRS Employee Benefit Issues)
March 22, 2000-1:30P  

Employees Retirement System
   On:      Anderson, Gary (Texas Public Employees Assn), Austin

            Baroni, Tracy (Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of
                        America), Washington, DC

            Bassett, Brenda (Merck Medco Managed Care), Irving

            Beckett, Sheila (Employees Retirement System), Austin

            Bognar, George (Merck Medco Managed Care), New Jersey

            Dial, Philip (Employees Retirement System), Austin

            Kowalski, Tom (Texas Health Care and Bioscience Institute),

            Nick-Kresl, Carol (Merck Medco Managed Care), Flower Mound

            Williamson, Timothy (ILEX Oncology Inc), San Antonio

Legislative Budget Board overview
   On:      Baisden, Debbie (Legislative Budget Board), Austin

            Coates, Stephanie (Legislative Budget Board), Austin

            Wielmaker, John (Legislative Budget Board), Austin

Legislative Council overview
   On:      Hudgins, Craig (Legislative Council), Austin

Public Testimony
   On:      Raab, Ted Melina (Texas State Employees Union), Austin

Texas A&M University System
   On:      Hassel, Steve (A&M University System), College Station

University of Texas System
   On:      Molloy, Robert (University of Texas System), Austin

            Stewart, Dan (University of Texas System), Austin