Nominations Committee
March 24, 1999-1:00P  

Brd of Dir TX Healthy Kids Corp
   For:     Howeth, Allan (self), Fort Worth

            Pena, Rene (self), El Paso

            Shea, Gwyn (self), Irving

            Snyder, Dot (self), Waco

            Wells, Kenneth D. (self), Houston

Finance Commission of Texas
   For:     Kovacevich, Debbie (self), Jewett

            Puente, Victor Jr. (self), Pantego

            Snider, John L. (self), Center

            Wingo, Robert V. (self), El Paso

Telecom Infrastructure Fund Brd
   For:     Benavides, Roger J. (self), San Antonio

            Karr, Kay F. (self), Conroe

            Powers, Thomas R. (self), Houston

Texas Judicial Council
   For:     Boswell, James H. (self), Plano

            Cardone, Kathleen (self), El Paso

TX Commission on Human Rights
   For:     Farias, Anna Maria (self), Crystal City

            Manning, David (self), Fort Worth

Veterans Land Board
   For:     Jaco, Neal T. LT GEN (self), San Antonio

            Pattillo, Darryl Ladd (self), Austin